Stardew Valley Gourmand Frog | What is It, What Does It Do?

stardew valley Gourmand Frog

Stardew Valley has a host of strange characters, but patch 1.5 introduced yet another weird individual to our farm. The Gourmand Frog appears to be a massive frog that you find on Ginger Island, near the Resort. He has a quest for you; to grow crops outside! However, he’s extremely vague about what crops you can grow to receive the rewards. If you’re having trouble with the being’s strange tasks, our Stardew Valley Gourmand Frog guide will try and help you out.

Stardew Valley Gourmand Frog Guide

The Gourmand Frog is in a cave near the north-east of the Ginger Island resort, where you’re allowed to plant crops. Entering the cave, you’ll see a frog sitting in a meditation position with a quest for you; a quest to make the land “teem with food” once again. He asks you to grow “the pink thing,” “the juicy thing.” Then he wants you to grow something that’ll remind him of “the yellow ticklin’ thing” that be “wavin’ in the wind”. Finally he wants ground-fruit that makes your breath stink.

What to Do?

The Gourmand Frog wants you to grow three fruits in total. The first is a melon, the second is wheat, and the third is garlic. The fruits have to be grown to a harvestable state (but not harvested) before the frog will accept them as the fruit he wants to see.

Since this is a farming quest, feel free to care for your crops and then explore the island to find other collectables.

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Completing the frog’s tasks will reward you with five golden walnuts each. That’s a total of 15 total walnuts, just for growing three types of crop! And after the quest is done, you’re able to harvest the crops just as normal; the frog doesn’t take them or anything. So, enjoy your walnuts, melons, wheat, and garlic!


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