FFXIV For Want of Memory | How to Grind Memories in FFXIV

FFXIV For Want of Memory

Final Fantasy 14 has a ton of fantastic and engaging late-game quests. “For Want of Memory” might just be frustrating. In order to complete this late-game task, you need to get some memories. That’s pretty wonderful, right?

Well, that’s what we said… until we had to grind sixty total souls!

That can be a little bit rough, but there’s a surefire way to guarantee that you get some memories to drop for you. If you had as much trouble as we did when it came to grinding memories, check out our For Want of Memory guide for some quick farming methods.

How to Grind Memories for For Want of Memory

We’re searching for 3 different types of memories. You can get these memories from things in “The Bozjan Southern Front”, but that tends to be a bit slow-paced. The drop rates are really low there! If you want guaranteed drops, you want to do fates in the following areas. You will need 20 of each to obtain the necessary weapon upgrade. 

  • Sorrowful: Dravanian Forelands; Churning Mists
  • Harrowing: Azys Lla; Dravanian Hinterlands
  • Tortured: Sea of Clouds; Coerthas Western Highlands

In these areas, if you get a gold medal on fates, you get 100% drop rates. Even such, that’s a slow grind! It’s all worth it, though. Afterwards, you get upgraded Resistance Weapons, which will finally catch up to the max-level crafted weapons. Try to grab a few friends if you’re having trouble staying awake while slaying piles of enemies. At least it’s a nice reason to go back and visit a few areas that we’ve been ignoring for a dozen levels!

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FFXIV For Want of Memory – Conclusion

If you’re having trouble seeing For Want of Memory, you must make sure you really pay attention to the prerequisites. Some NPCs in the questline give more than one quest, so you might have grabbed the wrong one on the way up! To get For Want of Memory, you need to have gotten “A Somber Proposal.” Oh, and you can do this quest as often as you want, to upgrade as many Resistance Weapons as you wish. Perfect, right?

If we left anything out of or FFXIV For Want of Memory Guide, let us know in the comment section below!

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