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Much of the lore connected to Campaign 3 of Critical Role is tied to the Feywild – the strange realm of fairies and satyrs that exists just outside the bounds of the Material Plane. As the story has progressed, we’ve learned that the party (and Fearne in particular) have close ties to the Fey Realm. Curious what the Moontide Crown is and how it figures into Campaign 3? Keep reading below the fold!

Warning! Campaign 3 Spoilers Ahead!

Moontide Crown critical role

What we Know About the Moontide Crown

The Moontide Crown is a powerful magical object with origins in the Fey Wild. As the name suggests, it is some type of crown, but the abilities of this artifact have not yet been revealed during Campaign 3. We know the crown is powerful. Additionally, we know it is desired by the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. We also know it is used both in a strange machine built by the Fey as well as by the device the Calloways are working on. Beyond that, the use of the Moontide Crown is unclear.

Who Has the Moontide Crown?

As of Episode 29, Fearne’s parents – The Calloways – have the Crown. The Calloways have affixed it to a device they are building with the help of the Nightmare King to investigate the red moon Ruidus. According to Fearne’s mother, the larger device somewhat resembles a telescope and is built for the purposes of discovery, as opposed to whatever questionable purposes the fey had for their own device. We also learned that the device was built underground, and that unlike a telescope it does not have to operate at night.

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That’s the Skinny on the Moontide Crown

At the time of writing, there isn’t a lot of information about the crown itself. What we do know is that the Calloways have it, and essentially the entire Feywild wants it back. When we learn more, we will update our post on the Moontide Crown!

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