Man of Medan: What is Manchurian Gold?

man of medan manchurian gold

The hair-raising interactive drama from the ​Until Dawn creators is full of mystery. Fans have been wondering what exactly the mysterious Manchurian Gold is since first hearing the name. As expected, it can’t be anything good in the world of a Supermassive Games production. But what exactly is Manchurian Gold? ​Fair warning: The answer is a huge spoiler for this game. This is your official spoiler warning for ​Man of Medan ​ Manchurian Gold.

Man of Medan Manchurian Gold Guide

As you may already know, the reason for this group to head to the ship is the Manchurian Gold. It’s the entire reason for this adventure and the characters can’t stop talking about it from the beginning. You’ll also notice that the characters and fishermen keep talking about the Manchurian Gold being hidden somewhere on the ship it actually isn’t real gold. Unfortunately

for the characters, it isn’t anything close to actual gold. At one point during the game you will be able to uncover a secret message that helps identify the true identity of the Manchurian Gold. This message comes in the form of meeting minutes and reads:

“A confession, from a person known as ‘Scientist X’, stating that what the Americans codenamed Manchurian Gold was an investigation into distributing chemicals on the battlefield. The chemicals caused violent paranoid hallucinations”

This makes a lot of sense when you take into account many of the different elements of the game. While exploring on the ship the characters will see a lot of things that aren’t actually real, which is clearly influenced by the Manchurian Gold. In fact the monsters that are chasing the characters throughout the game are likely a result of the chemical as well. Mystery solved, maybe.

Man of Medan ​ releases August 30 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Planning to play ​Man of Medan night one with your friends? Learn about how long it takes to beat the game here!

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