Fire Emblem Engage Permadeath Guide

Long-time Fire Emblem fans will tell you that the game is supposed to be difficult, and part of that challenge is the risk of permadeath. This was the way these games were for years. However, newer releases have pulled back the reigns on difficulty and focused more on character-driven stories. So which way does Fire Emblem Engage go? It gives you options, including a casual mode that reduces the challenges and eliminates permadeath from the game. You can learn more about how to address these changes in our Fire Emblem Engage Permadeath Guide.

Permadeath is in Fire Emblem Engage

fire emblem engage permadeath

As you might expect, permadeath is (or can be) a part of Fire Emblem Engage. Permadeath has a long history with Fire Emblem games, and I suspect some long-time fans would loudly object if it were removed entirely. However, some players seem to prefer a gentler approach. That is why Fire Emblem offers two modes: Causal and Classic. Your choice of mode determines if you have to deal with permadeath mechanics or not.

Casual vs. Classic Mode

To provide options for all fans, the makers of the game have opted to choose two different modes. Classic mode is what long-time fans of the series will come to expect. This is the only mode of the game that allows for permadeath.

There is no risk of permanent death in casual mode. This mode is designed to give players the chance to focus on the story without the constant risk of having to start all over again. If you want to avoid permadeath in the game, casual mode is for you.

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Fire Emblem Engage: When Does Permadeath Start?

It depends on the mode you choose! You will never deal with permadeath in casual mode. In Classic mode, permadeath is a possibility starting with your first battle. While players have always found a way to mitigate the risks of permadeath in Fire Emblem games, it is worth taking the time to save your game before any major combat occurs!

That wraps up our look at permadeath in Fire Emblem Engage. Let us know how you like the game so far! You can also check out our guide on what to feed Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage.

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