Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency | What is it?

Whether you are attempting to upgrade to an advanced class or reclass entirely, there are some fiddly parts to this aspect of Fire Emblem Engage. You’ll need certain items, a high enough level, and a Master Seal. In many cases, you’ll also need a particular weapon proficiency. What does that mean to you? Find out in our Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency Guide.

What is Weapon Proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency

There are a number of weapon proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage. From bows to daggers, your character must have a proficiency in order to use these weapons. In other words, these are the skills necessary to proficiently use a particular weapon. Each class includes one or more proficiency that it starts with. These are the same proficiencies you will need to take change to that class later.

So why are these proficiencies important? In addition to determining the types of weapons a character can use, these skills also come into play when you change classes. Certain classes can only be adopted if you have the corresponding proficiency. For example, you will need a B level proficiency with swords before you have access to the Sword Fighter class.

Gaining Weapon Proficiencies

It is possible to pick up new weapon proficiencies, but the process is a little frustrating. Adding new proficiencies is only possible when you inherit them directly from Emblems. This requires you to increase your bond levels with characters that have the proficiency you are looking for. You can do that through a number of grindy tasks like giving gifts or even dining with the character at Cafe Terrace. It is necessary to reach Bond Level 5 in order for you to gain access to a weapon proficiency.

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