Sons of the Forest Arm Door | How to Open

If you have spent much time with Sons of the Forest, you know by now that puzzles abound. One of those early puzzles is a door with an imprint of an arm that can be tricky to get past. Not sure how to get around it? We can help! Check out our Sons of the Forest Arm Door Guide for the answers.

Opening the Arm Door in Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest arm door

If you’ve encountered the door with the arm by now, you know that it won’t simply open on its own. To open this door, you’re going to need the Golden Armor. once you have the Golden Armor and are wearing it, opening the door is as simple as putting your arm in the corresponding groove.

Not sure how to find the golden armor? You can pick it up inside a cave located at the south-eastern GPS point of interest. Head there and squeeze into the cave opening before descending into the depths. You’ll need a Blue or Maintenance keycard to continue through a security door, so be sure to have that first.

Head down to Level 2 until you come across a corridor with liquid spewing through it. You’re looking for the third corridor on the right side of that hallway. Inside that room you’ll see a couch with the golden armor resting on top of it.

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