Epic Battle Fantasy 5: How to Defeat God on Epic

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 God

If you’re nearing the end of Epic Battle Fantasy 5, you probably realize that before you complete the game you’ll have to defeat God. But if you really want to get the ultimate achievement, you’ll want to defeat God on Epic difficulty. Sounds tough? It can be! But with our guide, you’ll be ready to conquer Epic Battle Fantasy 5 God at the highest difficulty!

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 God on Epic Guide

The over-arching strategy is to keep your heroes alive during the battle. If they die, they lose all their buffs and will come back way to weak to take on God. That leads to an endless loop of constantly dying! So keep that in mind as we go forward: survival is job number 1.


There are plenty of summons that are helpful, but there are two you absolutely need. The first is Red Flybot. The second is Angel Mirror.

Red Flybot is critical to inverting the buffs God will use. God has a powerful defensive buff that gives himself 100% increased defense, magical defense, Bless, and Guard. He also occasionally buffs his Attack and Magic Attack 100% as well. His attacks, especially his AOE attacks like Start Blast or Hyper Beam, are extremely powerful when his damage is buffed. You have to invert those buffs as soon as possible to survive. Red Flybot is great because it is 100% guaranteed to invert.

Angel Mirror is the other mandatory summons. You’ll want to use it every time God launches a Spirit Bomb. The Spirit Bomb is devastating and you’ll struggle to survive without Angel Mirror. When you use Angel Mirror after the Spirit Bomb is launched, it will still hit your guys in the back but only for half damage. With 95% health buffs, they should be fine.

The last thing to remember is that after the Spirit Bomb, God still gets a turn to attack. With your party weakened, you will want to prepare for the attack the follows. Matt, the person with the Target Bad, to Guard and cast auto-revive to bring him back if he successfully draws God’s attacks.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 God Overview

God’s moveset is simple. But don’t be fooled, because everything he does has enormous damage. This fight will remind you of battling Poseidon in that he gets stronger as he takes damage.

All of God’s damage is non-elemental, which means you can ignore elemental resists.

Being a cat, God’s moveset is similar to NoLegs. His normal moves include:

  • Normal attacks
  • Swift Slash
  • Final Cutter
  • Blade Blitz
  • Natalie’s Star Shower

In addition to these attacks, God also uses the AOE attack Star Blast as well as Lance’s Hyper Beam.

The lower his health gets, the more dangerous the attacks become. God’s damage output goes up significantly as his health drops, and the effects last far longer. At his lowest health, God’s Final Cutter attack can do 9 swings.

Gear Overview

When it comes to gear, the name of the game is surviving. HP will be the main stat you’ll want to buff, followed by defense. Attack is still important but not as much as the other two, and you can largely ignore accuracy and evasion.

Matt’s Gear

Weapon: Berzerker
Head: Knight’s Helmet
Body: Heroic Armor
Flair 1: Target Badge
Flair 2: Sword Medal
Flair 3: Pocket watch

Matt is going be both our main tank and our main damage. Seems weird, but that’s just the way how his equips work. He has a lot of physical and magical defense thanks to his equips, and HP as well.

Both Berzerker and Heroic Armor increase Matt’s non-elemental damage, which is great, since we don’t care about any elemental attacks. Berzerker also counter-attacks with Revenge, which is incredibly useful on God’s third form.

Target Badge is essential to make Matt take the damage instead of our other heroes, and Pocket Watch is just insane value because of Haste. An extra turn never hurt anybody. Sword Medal is just for more damage, since we do have to kill God at some point.

Natalie’s Gear

Weapon: Slime Staff
Head: Blue Elephant
Body: Magical Skirt
Flair 1: Gold Star
Flair 2: Platinum Star
Flair 3: Fairy

Again, we are focusing on keeping our heroes alive, so all of this gear is pointed towards the defensive side. Slime Staff and Magical Skirt are absolutely fantastic because of the chance to get the Slime Bunny. Slime Bunny allows you to heal to full after every single turn since it regens for so much, allowing you to focus on damaging instead of healing. Blue Elephant just gives an insane amount of health, so it’s there.

Flairs are pointed towards defense as usual. Fairy allows us to autorevive, which is important since Natalie has some important skills and we need her alive.

Lance’s Gear

Weapon: Gungnir
Head: Space Helmet
Body: Spartan Cuirass
Flair 1: Green Cross
Flair 2: Balance Badge
Flair 3: Tentacle

Same as always, equips are focused on defense. Not much to say here, I kind of just gave Lance the leftovers, probably the same as the rest of you guys. I didn’t really use Lance all that much, but he is useful in his own way.

Anna’s Gear

Weapon: Regal Turtle
Head: Fur Hat
Body: Fur Dress
Flair 1: Big Eyebrows
Flair 2: Shield Medal
Flair 3: Small Cloud

Anna just doesn’t die with Regal Turtle. You’ll get an automatic defense every other turn, if not every single turn. You won’t be doing much damage, but you won’t be dying any time soon, which is very important.

Fur Hat and Fur Dress give even more defense, with Fur Dress being one of the best equips in the game. The ability to have Viking Monolith is absolutely insane. A free turn is always welcome, and it helps a lot.

Big Eyebrows helps with Confusion resistance, Shield Medal is for defense, and Small Cloud gives more HP (which is an important stat) and it gives more SP from the cats God summons, which is important to cast our summons (we don’t want to run out of SP. That would be absolutely terrible).

Make sure Anna is on the very top (first in your party). That way, if your party gets confused, Anna is fine, and then you’ll be able to switch out your confused heroes for non-confused ones.

NoLegs’ Gear

Weapon: Neon Lightbulb
Head; Headband
Body: Ninja Gear
Flair 1: Cat Tail
Flair 2: Battle Paint
Flair 3: Hoop Earrings

NoLegs is a bit different. He has the lowest base health out of any other characters, so boosting his health really isn’t going to do much. What’s more important is boosting his Evade, so all of his equips are the best equips to boost Evade with.

Battle Paint and Hoop Earrings are kind of just leftovers. Not really sure what else I can put on him. Hoop Earrings are pretty good for Good Luck though. Helps with Evade.

The Battle

To start, put Anna first followed by Matt and Natalie. These will be your three primary heroes. Lance and NoLegs will mostly be for backup during the fight. If one of the front three loses their buffs, swap them with Lance.

Your first move will be to use Protect and Barrier. It may seem redundant, but on Epic difficulty God can kill off one of your heroes with a lucky shot on the first turn. Remember, survival is key. To survive, you need to get your buffs up and keep them active.

Early on, your 95% buffs will keep your heroes alive fairly easily. One thing that can trip you up is God using Star Blast, which deals powerful AOE damage and Dispels your buffs. If that is used, swap the character that lost their buffs with a backup that still has them.

Another major threat early on is Star Shower. It causes confusion, which can really cause problems. This is why you want Anna on top as her Confusion resistance is the best. The confusion only lasts one turn, so it’s not the end of the world.

God’s second stage really isn’t much different than his first stage. He does more damage, but that’s about it. He uses the same exact moves. Re-read the discussion above in the summons section for a reminder on strategy.

The third stage is very dangerous. While his attack patterns don’t change, he starts doing way more damage. This means that even with 95% buffs you’re going to lose some characters. Be prepared to lose a character every turn or so, and try to keep Matt alive as he is your top damage dealer.

Dealing Damage

Our go-to damage combo is going to be using Anna’s Lumber to stagger God (he has 0 stagger resistance!), and then either using Matt’s Legend (don’t use unless you have high accuracy buff. It misses a lot) or Natalie’s Judgement. This is our best source of damage.

When Legend and Judgement are on cooldown, then you just use Lumber to stagger and Matt to whack God with a normal attack. Pretty lame, but there’s not much other attacks we can use. It takes a while, but it’s a consistant source of damage. You can use Matt’s Cataclysm and hopefully get a x2 Critcal. Honestly I’ve never used it. I just kept on following the flowchart of stagger, Legend/Judgement, normal attack. Worked for me.

Revenge is also another incredibly strong source of damage. When some of your heroes are down (which happens often), use Matt’s Revenge to deal very high damage (upwards to 500k damage for me!), and then revive them.

Never forget to stagger God whenever you go for a Limit Break. Especially when you use Matt’s Cleaver. You will be missing out on so much damage if you don’t do it.

The hardest part is, of course, going to be the God’s final form, since you’ll be taking so much damage that it’s hard to find places to get damage in. There’s not much I can say here other than to take it slow. Make sure your heroes are healed up, get some damage in whenever possible, and just turtle up as much as you can. Matt’s Revenge counterattack helps tremendously to get in some damage.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that’s how you beat God on Epic difficulty in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Did you find this guide helpful? If so, let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Epic Battle Fantasy 5 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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  1. I found another trick that helps with phase 2 and 3. give anna sharpen and whenever she has limit break, use mother earth. keeping the party blessed made it incredibly easy to beat him. I won in 15 minutes. never got dispelled because I kept the team Blessed for at least 4 hits

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