Kynseed Mint | How to Find and Use It

Cooking and crafting is one of the joys of Kynseed. You can wander the forest, pick a few veggies, and make a wide range of dishes. That is certainly the case with mint. Mint is available in several areas, and it has plenty of uses. These uses include cooking and making offerings. Some characters love mint, while others might be offended if you fee it to them! Learn more about it with our Kynseed Mint guide.

What is Mint Used for in Kynseed?

Kynseed Mint

Mint is a food and herb found throughout the world. These plants are located in pots which can be collected easily. You can use mint for cooking a few dishes, including:

  • Gooseberry Pie
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Edward’s Munch

Not all characters in Kynseed feel the same way about mint. Characters all have food that they like and hate, and the same is true with mint. For example, Rarney Veg and Winters Boots love mint. Scrumpy Ned and Spencer Dee hate the stuff. You can also use mint as offering, which pleases Naida but offends Morvenna and Hyalis.

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Where Can I Find Mint in Kynseed?

There are multiple areas where you can find mint. As far as crafting materials go, this is not particularly rare. There are pots of mind sprinkled across three areas: Poppyhill, Terrarium, and The Twanging Gardens. Some players have also reported mint to be present outside of the potion store.

What is Kynsed?

Kynseed is a life sim RPG that focuses on building a life in a magical, whimsical world. There is a world to explore full of creatures and crafting. Cooking plays a big part in the game as well. Created by PixelCount Studios, Kynseed has high ratings in Steam and other platforms. If you haven’t had time to give it a try, what are you waiting for?

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