Spiderman The Heist Long Lost Loot Walkthrough

Spiderman The Heist Long Lost Loot

Want some direction on completing the Marvel’s Spiderman The Heist Long Lost Loot mission? Nerds and Scoundrels can help you out! This is a short mission you can bang out in under five minutes. All you need to do is help Detective Mackey (No, not Vic) recover the paintings the original Black Cat stole before he died in prison. Ready to get started? Keep reading the Spiderman The Heist Long Lost Loot walkthrough to find out where to find the nicked artwork.

I want to talk to you about the Black Cat. Not the new one. The old one, from 20 years ago. I worked the case. 

Spiderman The Heist Long Lost Loot Walkthrough

Spiderman The Heist Long Lost Loot

The mission starts when you meet Detective Mackey on a rooftop. He needs your help. Like everyone else in this game, he wants to talk about Black Cat. But for once, this is a Black Cat conversation that doesn’t dance around the fact Spiderman and Black Cat know each other biblically. No, Detective Mackey is here to ask for help with a cold case regarding the ORIGINAL Black Cat, a male cat burglar that prowled the streets 20 years ago. Black Cat died in prison, but the spoils of his big heist were never found.

The Detective isn’t allowed to look into the case because the PD believes it’s a “waste of resources.” But wasting resources is right up Spiderman’s alley! You agree to help, and Detective Mackey gives you a location to check out. While reviewing his file, Mackey realized shortly before his arrest Black Cat deviated from his string of art heists to rob a smoke detector factory. It turns out that the isotope inside the detectors was his real target. Mackey speculates the Black Cat wanted to isotopes to mark his artwork so he could track it down after prison.

The Hollow Box

Spiderman The Heist Long Lost Loot

Follow the mission marker. It will lead you to a power pox on the side of a large building. A scan of the box doesn’t show any electricity coming from it. Web the box and tug. The box will pull apart, showing it to be a fake. Inside is one of the ten pieces of stolen art. When you call Detective Mackey, you’ll also learn some interesting information: the original Black Cat is the father of YOUR Black Cat. That could make for an awkward Thanksgiving Dinner assuming (a) Spiderman is Black Cat’s baby daddy, and (b) If Walter Hardy wasn’t already dead.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that’s how you complete Spiderman The Heist Long Lost Loot. Was this Nerds and Scoundrels walkthrough helpful? If so, leave a comment and let us know. Got a question about this mission? Don’t be afraid to ask. And be sure to check out the rest of our Spiderman: The Heist content. Want to see this mission live and in color? Check out the video below!




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