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Devil May Cry 5 Mission 2

With the prologue and the first mission behind us, we’ve already seen scores of demonic bugs and even a giant bloodsucking plant. If you thought that was weird, you’re going to love Mission 2. Need a hand getting through this one? Nerds and Scoundrels can help! Keep reading our Devil May Cry 5 Mission 2 Walkthrough for all the answers!

Events were set in motion bach before Urizen took his throne. A silent hooded figure came to tear off Nero’s demonic right arm. Now, a month later, Nero is back with a brand new power – his Devil Breakers – to smash his way through the demon swarms in Red Grave and reunite with V. 

Devil May Cry 5 Mission 2 Walkthrough

Mission 2 picks up where Mission 1 left off. Nero is still trying to reconnect with V, but from here on out it looks like he’ll be traveling on foot. Before you go, you’re given a letter from Morrison to read.

The most interesting thing from the letter is that you learn Dante’s real name: Tony Redgrave. Is it a coincidence you’re headed for Red Grave City? Who knows. When the cut scene ends, you are let loose in Red Grave City on the hunt for your pal V.

Devil May Cry 5 Mission 2 Walkthrough

There’s something giant and creepy looking in the sky, but you’ll have to get to the bottom of that after you kill all the demon bugs. After a few seconds, the bugs are joined a large demon with a big weapon and long flowing black hair.

Once you kill them, whatever was blocking the street will dissipate and you can continue. Once you fight your way down the block, you will encounter more of the tentacles that you fought in Mission 1. Kill the tentacles and walk through the gateway to your next cutscene.

Cleaving Vanguard

During the cut scene, the cleaving vanguard known as Hell Caina pop out of the ground armed with scythes. In addition to these three baddies, you’ll also get one of the floating long-haired demons from earlier. After you kill them, the door to a nearby building will become unblocked.

Once you defeat them all, a door to a mansion will open. Go in. Head upstairs and you will get the next cut scene. Upstairs you will come across some dead or ravaged giant plants. As you battle the plant tentacles and move room from you, you may get a chance at a secret mission.

Secret Mission 1 – Eliminate All the Demons

If you manage to unlock a secret mission, the first one will be to kill all of the demons on this mission. The secret mission takes you back outside the building where there are demons to kill. Wiping these guys ou twill clear Secret Mission 1.

Finishing Mission 2

Once the secret mission is cleared, you will be transported back inside the mansion where there are new demons to slay.

Once he’s done, the back door will no longer be blocked. When you exit the mansion you’ll get a cut scene regarding the enormous tree structure outside.

You’ll need to fight off quite a few hostiles before you can move forward. When you reach a blocked off street full of roots, be prepared for a fight as soon as the cutscene is over.

Brutal Berserker

Next you’ll encountered two of these bad boys: Hell Antenora. Kill them and keep moving, but pay attention to the short cut scenes. When you come to a pay phone, you’ll get another short cut scene followed by a way to customize.

Incandescent Colossus

It’s time for a boss battle with Goliath, the demon who has a mouth on his stomach that can launch fireballs or whatever. Goliath is huge and has some serious damage ability, so hit and run is the name of the game. This battle can be long, but you’re rewarded at the end by finally seeing your own friend, V.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our guide. Did you find our Devil May Cry 5 Mission 2 walkthrough helpful? We hope so! Either way, let us know in the comment section. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Devil May Cry 5 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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