Fire Emblem Engage Reclassing Guide

The next installment of the Fire Emblem series is here, and this one is looking like a lot of fun. There is a lot of strategy to consider! Some of the decisions you make involve the classes you choose for your unit. Luckily, you are not tied to the same class forever. Learn how to change your class with our Fire Emblem Engage Reclassing Guide.

How to Reclass in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Reclassing

The process of reclassing is simple. You only need to access the Class Change menu. You can find the Class Change menu by going to the main menu and then into your inventory. In your inventory screen, you’ll find an option to Class Change.

Unlike upgrading a class, there are no requirements for reclassing. If you want to swap out a unit’s base class for another, you need only to select your choice in the Class Change screen. Keep in mind, only some class options might be available to you depending on the unit’s Weapon Aptitude. It is possible to reclass even without the Weapon Aptitude by using Emblem Bond Rings.

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