Greedfall Companions Guide | How to Find all Greedfall Companions

Greedfall Companions

Greedfall companions are an important aspect of the game. Much like with Skyrim and the games it inspired, Greedfall also allows you to bring along companions on your quests. Greedfall companions are non-player characters (NPCs) that generally follow your lead but are controlled by the AI.

Companions are valuable. They can fight by your side, offer you quest opportunities, and fill in the blanks on some story questions. Each companion is in a different location, and they all bring something unique to your party.

Want to know where to find them? Our Greedfall companions locations guide can help you track down the important NPCs in the game!

Greedfall Companions Locations

The greedfall companions available to you depend in part on your allignment with varying factions. Most companions in the game belong to a faction, which means your relationship with them can vary. It is possible to build powerful alliances with these NPCs if you play your cards right.

Once a character becomes your companion, you will get insight into their worldview. They will give their thoughts on current events through the lens of their faction. They will also weigh in on the decisions you make. As you progress, you can upgrade your new friends’ weapons and armor.


Kurt is available at the very beginning of Greedfall. A member of the Coin Guard, he is a melee combat master that is decked out in heavy armor. Increase your “craftmanship” skill to bond with him.


Vasco is not only a potentional companion, he is the captain of your ship. Once you arrive at New Serene, Vasco will have an important role in your game. He is agile and a master with pistols. As your bond grows, he could improve your Intuition skill.


You will automatically find Constantin during the Great Departure quest. He will come in and out of the story, however.


Petrus is a member of the Theleme faction. Once you arrive in Theleme, you can recruit Petrus after speaking with the Governor. Although he is a missionary, he is no stranger to violence. He can fight at any range, and can wear various armor sets.


Aphra can be recruited during the main quest. You will have the opportunity to recruit her during a search mission for the Bridge Alliance. She is a powerful damage deal at long range.


Siora is a member of the Natives. She is a support NPC that boosts HP and armor. She is also adept with a one-handed sword. You will have the chance to add Siora during the main quest.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our companions guide! Any questions?

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