High on Life Something Sharp | How to Open Lugloxes

High on Life is all about the tools you have at your disposal. From talking guns to dodge units, these tools take many wild and wacky forms. You’re going to need a lot of options to get through the game, especially if you want to open those lugloxes. Thankfully, the game provides you with a clue about requiring something sharp. We get to the bottom of it in our High on Life Something Sharp Guide.

What is Something Sharp in High on Life?

high on life something sharp

If you have played through much of High on Life, you likely have come across living treasure chests known as Lugloxes. In fact, you are likely to cross paths with one or more of these early on in the game. One problem: you can’t open them. That’s a big problem, in fact, because you will need the currency (pesos) they hold to buy upgrades and other tools. The first time you find these boxes, no combination of buttons will allow you to open them. Thankfully, the gun you are carrying will give you a hint: you need “something sharp” to open them.

The game won’t spell it out for you, but you’ll need a knife. Specifically, you’ll need to get the talking knife known as Knifey. There is no way to avoid this if you plan on continuing through the game, as you encounter Knifey as part of the main storyline. You can pick up Knifey by completing your next bounty.

How to Get Knifey

You can get Knifey after taking out a number of goons in the Laundromat District. Eventually, you will find yourself in a room with a number of goons and Knifey will be on the table nearby. You can buy knifey from the goons, or just stab them and take it. From this point forward, Knifey is yours. You can use him as the sharp objected needed to open those lugloxes!

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