Fire Emblem Engage When to Use Master Seal

As you play your way through Fire Emblem Engage, you will find plenty of choices. Not only can you recruit a wide range of characters, but you can also change or upgrade their base classes. If you want to get into advanced classes, you’ll need something called a Master Seal. But when is the best time to use those? After all, they have more than one use. Let’s dive into our Fire Emblem Engage When to Use Master Seal Guide.

When to Use Your Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

fire emblem engage when to use master seal

A big part of the game is deciding when (and how) you promote your characters. Moving to anew class (or reclassing entirely) is an important decision that not only uses resources but also can come at a cost. This is especially true during the early game, when Master Seals are hard to come by. As you likely know, Master Seals are items you’ll need to use when reclassing or changing classes in Fire Emblem Engage. Early on, you will only encounter them randomly as loot in battle or in treasure chests. By Chapter 17, you’ll have the chance to purchase them at will.

The choice in front of you when it comes to Master Seals is this: do you upgrade your class as soon as possible, or do you wait until you reach level 20? Upgrading to an advanced class right away is a good idea, as the power difference between base and advanced classes can be significant. However, waiting until level 20 does have an upside: you continue to boost your stats. In other words, waiting to use the Master Seal until you reach level 20 means you’ll have higher stats than if you use your seal at Level 10. However, these increases are relatively minor.

In the end, that decision is up to you. Personally, I recommend upgrading as soon as possible to get the advanced class at the expense of some stat boosts. Whether or not that option is best is entirely up to you!

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