Orokin Principles Challenge Guide – Warframe

In Warframe, the Orokin Principles Challenge takes place on Lua, better known as the Earth’s only moon. The challenge involves completing the Seven Principles; seven puzzles in seven hidden rooms known as the Halls of Ascension.

Orokin Principles Challenge Guide

Despite the name, the Halls of Ascension are not a single, interconnected structure. They are seven separate rooms tucked away at random in missions on Lua. In some missions you will find up to three separate Orokin Principles challenge rooms. Completing the challenge will lead you through a puzzle where you can claim your prize. The rewards are different for each test, but they all involve rare mods you won’t find anywhere else in the game.


Agility Test

Orokin Principles Challenge

Reward: Agility Drift

You will know you have entered the Agility Test room when you see a giant organ. Above the organ is a door on the ceiling. To reach the final portal and claim the prize you will need to navigate through the organ and enter through the door in the ceiling. Please note that at any point you touch the floor the puzzle will reset and you will have to begin again. To complete the puzzle you must:

  1. Shoot the button above the archway. This will cause two tubes to turn green and make noise.
  2. Enter the left tube. Wait until the tube launches you up and shoot the button on your left, opening another tube.
  3. Wait until the second tube launches you; this time shoot a button on the right side. Shooting the button will open three more tubes.
  4. Enter any of the three tubes and shoot the two buttons that activate upon entry. This will open an another tube.
  5. Enter the new tube and wait to be launched upwards. Next, when you land on the top floor activate the button.
  6. Enter the open tube and wait for launch. Once launched, shoot the second button you pass. This opens the final tubes.
  7. Enter the tube with the green rim. Once launched, the door in the ceiling will open. You will need to double jump to reach the doorway. Entering the doorway completes the puzzle.

Best Warframes for the Agility Test:

Titania: Titania’s Razorwing ability allows her to simply float through the course in fairy form.
Nova: High base mobility is beneficial, and Nova has it.
Zephyr: Like Nova, Zephyr benefits from high mobility.
Wukong: Wukong’s Cloud Walker ability is useful in that you can stick your landings.

Collaboration Test

Orokin Principles Challenge

Reward: Coaction Drift

As the name implies, this challenge is best completed in groups of four. In previous patches it was possible to complete this one solo with use of the Warframe Operator. However, later patches removed that ability so you’ll need help. You will recognize that you’ve entered this room when you see a series of elevated golden pads within a white room. To complete this puzzle, you must:

  1. Step onto the first pad at the entrance of the room. This pad must stay down to continue the puzzle. Stepping on this pad will release another pad in front of you.
  2. Have your friends step on the other corner pads so each corner is pressed down.
  3. Each corner pad that is stepped on will open a small entrance that reveals another pad. Have each member of the party stand on the second set of pads. This will open the gate to a central room.
  4. There are four pads within the central room. Have each party member stand on a pad. This will open a portal to the final room.

Best Warframes for the Collaboration Test:

Any. The key is to have help from three other people.

Cunning Test

Orokin Principles Challenge

Reward: Cunning Drift

This test takes place in the room with the Security Eye that you first encountered in The Second Dream. The fight itself is identical to the previous battle with the Security Eye.

  1. When entering the room, you will notice two capped water pipes on either side of the room. To begin the test, shoot the caps off both pipes to allow the free flow of water. Once the waterfalls begin to flow, the center of the room will take on a golden glow. Step onto the glow to begin the fight.
  2. The fight is exactly the same as in the battle during the Second Dream. You must trick the Security Eye to destroy the pillars in the room.
  3. Each time a pillar is destroyed the eye will spin and launch attacks against you. They can take the form of projectiles that do explosive damage or a toxic cloud that damages you upon touch.
  4. You will defeat the Security Eye once all four pillars are destroyed. Once destroyed, an opening in the center of the room will lead you to the portal and your reward.

Endurance Test

Orokin Principles Challenge

Reward: Endurance Drift

The endurance test is designed to be ran in groups of four. However, creative players found several ways to defeat this test solo with little difficulty.

  1. Enter the room and stand on the glowing platform in the center.
  2. Standing on the platform starts a timer. Once the timer completes you have finished the test.
  3. While you are standing on the platform, a battery of lasers will begin shooting you. In most cases, to survive you will need the other members of your party to disable the lasers.
  4. The center laser can be disable by shooting the lantern on the ceiling. The ceiling will collapse, blocking the laser.
  5. You can temporarily disable the circle of lasers by damaging the rear of the lasers. This can be done with AOE damage.
  6. You can damage the second-floor lasers by damaging the rear of the lasers. AOE will work for this task as well.
  7. Once the timer runs out the lasers will stop firing and you can claim the prize.

Best Warframe for Endurance Test

Operator Mode: If you have finished The War Within and can use Operator mode to exit your Warframe after jumping into the air. When your warframe lands on the button you can simple leave the room while your invincible warframe holds the button down.

Trinity: A max health Trinity build can tank the test solo. Use Vigor, Vitality, and Redirection for max shields and Intensify to speed healing. Using Streamline, Flow, or Fleeting Expertise will also allow you to use Blessing up to six times in a row. If you need to heel you can Bullet Jump to the walkway above you to heal. You have enough time to heal and come back without failing the test.

Power Test

Orokin Principles Challenge

Reward: Power Drift

You will recognize the Power Test portion of the Orokin Principles Challenge when you notice a set of stairs in the middle of a room with four large orbs on the walls. The stairs will be locked. Of all of the tests, this one is the easiest. You can defeat this test by charging the four orbs before the timer expires. Your best bet is to use a warframe built for maximum energy.

  1. Walk near an uncharged orb. The orb will begin draining energy from you, starting the timer.
  2. Stand near the sphere until it drains 40 energy from you. The sphere will glow when it is fully charged.
  3. Run to the next sphere and repeat the process. If any of the sphere stop glowing you have taken too long and will need to recharge them.
  4. Your base energy recharge is faster than the rate the spheres drain you, so you should have no problem charging each sphere in time.
  5. The stairs will unlock when all four spheres are charged. Take the stairs to enter a portal and collect the reward.

Speed Test

Orokin Principles Challenge

Reward: Speed Drift

You will recognize the Speed Test room when you enter a long hallway with two looping hallways on each side. The center of the hallway contains a room. Within the room are two Thumper Death Orbs and multiple laser plates. To start the test, you must shoot a laser plat in the upper part of the room. Once you shoot the plate a pillar will begin to rise in the middle of the room. This will also unlock the doors to both hallways outside of the room. Exit the room and pick a hallway. You will have to complete them both to win the test. To start, stand on the gold plate in front of the hallway. Be prepared to start moving as soon as the door opens as time is short.

One of the hallways is ice-themed. It has many ice floor hazards as well as rising pillars intended to block your way. There are also fast-closing doors that will attempt to lock you out. It is recommended you get through this hallway by Bullet Jumping over the hazards.

The second hallway is full of Thumper Death Orbs and fast-closing doors. You can navigate this hallway easily with Bullet Jumping and sprinting. Alternatively, you can use Warframes like Rhino or Atlas to simply power through the room and ignore the slamming doors.

When you reach the end of each hall, shoot the plate above the door at the end. When you shoot both plates at the end of each hall the pillar in the center room will reach all the way to the top of the room. Ascend the pillar and claim your prize!

Stealth Test

Orokin Principles Challenge

Reward: Stealth Drift

The seventh and final test in the Orokin Principles Challenge is the Stealth Test. This test is like something out of a bank heist movie, in that you must navigate from one side of this long hallway to another without touching any of the roving blue lasers. To start this test, stand on the glowing gold pad in the entryway. To win, step on the glowing pad at the end of the room without touching any lasers. This test is comically easy with two players as you can have your teammate simply waiting at the end of the course before you start the test.

Be careful not to spend too much time in the hallways on the sides of the large room. If you linger long enough you will be attacked by Rollers that will fail the test automatically.

Best Warframe to beat Stealth Test

Limbo: Using Limbo makes this test trivial. Simply use Rift Walk and make a beeline to the end up the course. While in the Rift Plane the lasers will not detect you, meaning you can ignore them entirely.

Completing the Orokin Principles Challenge Rooms

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