How to Find and Use the Strange Curio in Remnant: From The Ashes

strange curio remnant from the ashes

Much like the Control Rod, the Strange Curio is Key Item in Remnant: From The Ashes. Curious how to find this thing, or what it even does? Keep reading our guide for more info!

Many Faces traveled with the Pan from their homeland across the Dark Sea to the lush world of Yaesha. It guarded them all that time, but in the end, it was Many Faces who needed guarding.

Strange Curio Remnant From The Ashes Guide

There is only one place to find the Curio. It also has only one use.

How to Find the Strange Curio

Strange Curio
This curio? Yea, it’s strange.

You can find the Curio in Yaesha. Seek out the Stuck Merchant. While he has many wares, you cannot purchase the Strange Curio from him. However, you will find it int he back of his cart.

What to Do with the Strange Curio

The Strange Curio is used to open a dungeon at Yaesha. Within the dungeon is Radiant Visage, a piece of the Radiant Armor Set. Radiant Visage is Head Armor with an armor skill that increases critical hit chances.

In other words, the value of the Strange Curio depends entirely on how badly you want to complete the Radiant Set. Important Note: the Stuck Merchant also has two pieces of the Radiant Set for sale. If you want the whole set, be sure to purchase the Radiant Greaves and Radiant Protector before you attempt to get the Radiant Visage. When you open the dungeon using the curio, you will be attacked by Root Horror. If you fail to kill it, the Horror can kill the Stuck Merchant and make it impossible to complete the set.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That concludes our Strange Curio Remnant from the Ashes Guide. You should have a handle on where to find the curio and what to do with it. What comes next is up to you! Let us know if we missed anything by leaving a comment below.

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