MHW – Best Iceborne Hammers Ranked

best iceborne hammers

The Hammer has been a main weapon in the Monster Hunter Series ever since it began in 2004. They are great in everything from challenge quests to adventuring aimlessly. And it’s still there even to this day, even in the latest expansion Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It’s a fantastic weapon to wield and inflicts substantial damage upon those massive monsters. There are drawbacks to using the Hammer, albeit, as it’s very slow, and it only causes blunt damage, so perfect for smashing horns and tusks but not for cutting off monsters tails. However, it makes up for it in raw power, its ability to stun, and to exhaust monsters stamina. Every Hammer can be a fantastic weapon if you have the armor and the skills to complement it, but here at the top 10 Best Iceborne Hammers players should aim for in Monster Hunter World.

Buona Florescenza – Rarity 10

The Buona Florescenza is one of the best Hammers that hunters can acquire early on their journey through Iceborne. This Hammer is the best from the Pukei-Pukei tree, but it does require Rathian parts to make.

It might not be the best in raw damage, which is 1300, but it has 600 poison damage, as well as having two decoration slots at level 2. Though Hammers are mainly about raw damage, having that chance of inflicting a status effect is never a bad thing. It has a pretty long white sharpness gauge, which is pretty decent to get early on in the game.

Makhlab Al-Nasr II – Rarity 10

The Makhlab Al-Nasr II is the final weapon from the Kulu-Ya-Ku tree; however, it does need Nargacuga parts to upgrade up to this weapon.

This weapon can be crafted pretty early game; it has an attack power of 1352, 25% affinity (which gives a 25% chance to land a critical hit with every strike), has the element of 420 sleep, and no decoration slots. Sleep is not overly adequate on a hammer, but it will allow you to pull off a powerful charge attack if it pays off.

The weapons sharpness is not excellent, it has small gauges of white and blue, and a massive chunk of green, so great for monsters that haven’t got tough hide.

Earth Ender III – Rarity 11

For this weapon, no monsters have to be killed in under to forge it, as it’s from the Bone tree, which is entirely gathering based.

The Earth Ender III has a massive attack of 1456, a defense boost of +35, a single level 3 decoration slot, and a hidden element of 450 thunder damage. However, to awaken this element, players need to equip a Free Elem/Ammo up skill.

The major downside of this weapon is the highest sharpness is blue and not that much of a gauge either. However, for later game usage, a Handicraft skill might be required, though it’s not essential.

 Mammoth Hoof II – Rarity 10

To craft the Mammooth Hoof II, the new monster, the Banbaro, must be slain. This weapon is remarkably similar to the Earth Ender III, with an attack power of 1456, a hidden element of 360 Ice Damage, and a single level 4 decoration slot.  Its one let down is the sharpness gauge is only blue.

It’s from the same tree as the Makhlab Al-Nasr II, but with the Mammoth Hoof II, it can be upgraded further, where the former weapon is where that weapon tree ends.

The Grinding Mallet – Rarity 11

Two monsters need to be killed in order to forge this Hammer, the new subspecies of Glavenus, the Acidic Glavenus, and Val Hazak, one of the final Elder Dragons from World.

This weapon has one of the best Hammers in the game if based on raw power alone, as its attack is 1508. It also has a hidden element of 330 paralysis, a single level 4 decoration slot, and blue sharpness. This weapon, when slotted with the Non-elemental Boost skill for an extra 10% boost to raw attack power, will be incredible.

A whole armor set based around Handicraft is needed to use this weapon efficiently, but it’ll be worth it.

Victorious Northlein – Rarity 12

To craft the beast the Victorious Northlein, two new Elder Dragons need to have succumbed to your onslaught, Velkhana, and Shara Isvalda. Though this weapon might not be the best out of raw power as it only has an attack of 1404, instead, it has a pretty big gauge of white sharpness, one of the best out of all of the Hammers in Iceborne, so that’s the trade-off. As two ice Elder Dragons are needed, this Hammer is imbued with the element of 330 Ice damage. It also has one level 4  decoration slot.

Dawning Tranquility – Rarity 12

The Dawning Tranquility is a middle ground for users that want decent attack power and good sharpness. It has an attack power of 1456, hidden element 480 Dragon damage, as well as a defense bonus of +30 but it only has two decoration slots at level 1.

This weapon starts from the Dragon Bone tree, and Dawning Tranquility is the last upgrade which ends it. Only one Elder Dragon needs to die to craft this Hammer, and that is Shara Isvalda.

Blackwing Death Blow II – Rarity 11

This Hammer from the name alone should be the best in the game. This weapon is the final Hammer of the Kulu-Ya-Ku tree, which the formidable Yian Garuga has to be slain for parts up upgrade the Mammoth Tusk I.

With an attack power of 1404, it has 25% affinity and 240 poison damage, and a single decoration slot at level 3. It’s very much like the Dawning Tranquility, it has great raw damage and decent sharpness of the color white, but this weapon can be acquired sooner.

Ruinous Obliteration – Rarity 12

This weapon is one of the best Hammers in Iceborne before they added Rajang. Not only does it have exceptionally high raw attack power, but it also has a high amount of sharpness. For those using the Grinding Mallet, the Ruinous Obliteration has the same attack power at 1508. However, with one of the longest white sharpness gauges out of all the Hammers. It also causes 180 Dragon damage and has a high chance of inflicting Elderseal.

However, to craft this excellent Hammer, a variant of Nergigante has to be killed. Killing the Ruiner Nergigante, is no easy feat. But for this Hammer, it’s worth it. Especially to get the second-best Hammer in the game.

Mane Malice Rajang – Rarity 12

The monster Rajang has only just recently been patched into the game. With it comes the top choice in our Best Iceborne Hammers list. Keep in mind, Rajang is easily one of the hardest monsters in Monster Hunter’s history. You may need help taking it down! (Although you won’t get that help from other consoles, as Monster Hunter World is not cross platform.)

Mane Malice Rajang has a whopping attack power of 1612. It also has an element of 120 thunder damage and a single decoration slot at level 4. However, it also has -15% affinity. This mean there’s a chance that some attacks might cause -15% less damage. This can be countered with Critical Eye, Agitator, and Weakness Exploit skills, which all increase affinity in some way or another.

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