Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra | How to Cast the Killing Curse

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have the option to be any kind of wizard that you want. This includes delving into the world of dark magic. Any Harry Potter fan can tell you that magic doesn’t get any darker than the killing curse, known as Avada Kedavra. Learn how to cast this unforgivable curse with our Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra Guide.

How to Learn Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy avada kedavra

Avada Kadavra is not just one of the three unforgivable curses, it is also arguably the most powerful spell in Hogwarts Legacy. It should come as no surprise that the spell is only available in the late stages of the game.

The first step in obtaining Avada Kedavra is by playing through Sebastian’s quest line. Many of these quests are part of the main story and can’t be skipped. However, the path to actually securing this spell is skippable.

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In the Shadow of the Relic

In order to get Avada Kedavra, you will need to complete the quest “In the Shadow of the Relic.” The recommended level for this quest is 28, although it is not mandatory. This recommended level likely puts you into the quest after you have completed the main story in the game.

To get the curse, you will need to first track down Sebastion Sallow. You can find Sebastion in the Feldcroft region. When you speak with him, there will be an option titled “everyone should know the curse.” Select this option and ask Sebastion to teach it to you. This will lead you to receive the curse as a reward for completing the mission. Now, you have access to the killing curse.

Will Casting Avada Kedavra Send You To Azkaban?

The killing curse might be unforgivable in the world of Harry Potter, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Hogwarts Legacy. There is no reputation system, which leaves you with the ability to cast the spell without fear of being sent to Azkaban.

That wraps up our guide! Have you learned the killing curse? If so, let us know about it in the comment section!

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