High on Life Cutie Town | How To Get There

High on Life is a game with plenty of exploration options, and some of the places it can take you are far-flung. Cutie Town is definitely one of those places. While you can eventually access it, you’ll need a warp disc to get there. This means you’ll need to take a few other steps before you can make it to Cutie Town. Learn how to get there with our High on Life Cutie Town Guide.

How to Get to Cutie Town in High on Life

High on Life Cutie Town

Trying to get to Cutie Town? You won’t be able to get there immediately upon starting the game. That will change early on, however. Once you defeat Krubis you will gain access to an item known as the warp tool. This tool, and the warp discs that are used with it, will open up far more locations for you to explore. One of these warp discs will take you straight to Cutie Town.

In fact, the Cutie Town warp disc is the first one you will have access to. While most warp discs must be purchased using warp crystals, your first disc is free. That just happens to be the Cutie Town warp disc!

How Do I Get the Cutie Town Warp Disc?

All warp discs – including the one to Cutie Town – can be found in Blorto’s shop. This shop is conveniently located just outside of your house in Blim City. Blorto will also explain how to use these discs to get around to Cutie Town and the other places you might end up traveling.

Do I Have to Go to Cutie Town?

Cutie Town is completely skippable. Traveling there is not necessary for completing the game, but there is fun to be had. There are also a number of jokes and gags in town that are worth the trip – especially since you don’t have to pay for the warp disc to get there! This town is friendly, delightful, and you have the opportunity to smash it to pulp if that’s your kind of thing.

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