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Patch 5.45 of Shadowbringers has been absolutely fantastic for endgame content. One of the questlines that have been added to is the Resistance Weapons questline. In The Queen’s Image is a transitory quest for the Resistance Weapons questline. You’re going to need to complete this on your way to getting the strongest possible Resistance Weapons. Our FFXIV In The Queen’s Image guide will show you what you need to do, how to get to this point, and what it unlocks.

FFXIV In the Queen’s Image Guide

In order to get access to In the Queen’s Image, you must have completed Fit for a Queen and The Will to Resist. Fit for a Queen is the quest that has you raid Delubrum Reginae. The Will to Resist is the quest that allows you to collect Recollection weapons, the older, strong purple weapons. Check your inventory and armory; if you have Recollection weapons of any type, and you’ve completed Delibrum Reginae at least once, you should have access to this quest.

Head to Gangos (x: 6.2, y: 5.1) where Gerolt should have your quest ready for you. This is a basic talking quest, where you walk to points and talk to people. In this case… You basically only talk to Zlatan, who is very close.

This quest unlocks Change of Arms, where you can upgrade your Recollections to the new standard for endgame weaponry. The Law’s Order weapons are Item Level 510, which is extremely close to the highest level you can possibly get right now. As long as you don’t want to spend all of your money, this questline is very much worth it for you! 

That being said, if you have money or crafters to spare, and just build the highest level weapons and armor… That’s equal to the same level as the Augmented Law’s Order weapons. And might take less effort.

Don’t get me wrong, these weapons are absolutely fantastic! Really worth your time if you want to keep up with the game’s expectations. But it is a bit of a grind.

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