Stardew Valley Purple Star Guide | How to Find Purple Stars

Stardew Valley Purple Star

There are a lot of valuable trinkets that you can uncover while playing Stardew Valley, but nothing will beat out the elusive Purple Star item. Almost every game has its alternate, more valuable “shiny” version whatever you need to collect. Stardew Valley’s definition of “shiny” is the Purple Star, and the market is more than willing to pay you handsomely for them.

Stardew Falley Purple Star Guide

So how do you obtain a Purple Star item? There are exactly two ways – crafting and foraging… After you have accomplished a few tasks first.

How to Craft a Purple Star in Stardew Valley

To craft a Purple Star item, you will need to fully upgrade your house from top to bottom. That includes the basement. While upgrading the house is one of the main objectives that can give you points to your final score, upgrading the basement takes you a bit out of your way. You will need to hire a person by name of Robin to fix up your basement. Robin can be found at the Carpenter’s Shop during working hours and in the surrounding mountain area after working hours.

Once the basement is complete, you can now craft luxury items like cheese and wine into a Purple Star item. You perform the crafting task to make the item then place them in the casks located in your recently renovated basement for fermenting. Once the fermenting process is complete, you will have a Purple Star quality item.

How to Forage a Purple Star in Stardew Valley

To forage a Purple Star item, you will need to max out the Foraging skill tree. Once your Foraging skill is at level ten, you will have to pick the Botanist profession. The Botanist skill causes all items that you forage to be at the highest level possible- thus, you will acquire the Purple Star items much more frequently.

And that is how you can obtain Purple Star items in Stardew Valley. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading, and may your next item be of Purple Star quality. On the hunt for more Stardew Valley content? Check out our Stardew Valley Hay Guide.

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