Fire Emblem Engage Yellow Exclamation Mark

In the heat of battle, Fire Emblem Engage throws a lot of information at you in the form of status indicators. Looking over the battlefield you’ll see all kinds of symbols, from red swords to to white spears and everything in between. So what are those little yellow exclamation marks for? Unfortunately, the tutorial is silent on the question. We can confirm that the symbol is a sign that the opponent has a high chance of a critical hit. Let’s learn more in our Fire Emblem Engage Yellow Exclamation Mark Guide.

What is the Yellow Exclamation Mark in Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage Yellow Exclamation Mark

You should be wary any time you see a unit on the battlefield with a yellow exclamation point. That is your sign that the unit has a high likelihood of a critical hit. Critical hits are serious business, as they deal three times as much damage as a standard attack.

You should definitely update your strategy when you recognize a unit with a yellow exclamation point is on the field. Of course, the extent that critical hits matter to you can vary significantly. Some attacks will only deal 1-2 points of damage, if that. Other attacks won’t deal any damage at all. You’ve got nothing to worry about triple damage from a unit that is doing zero damage, after all.

Still, it is a good idea in many cases to take these units into account. You might opt to wipe them out from a distance with ranged units to avoid the potential for critical hits. You can also deal with them using highly defensive units to ensure they can withstand lucky rolls.

that’s it for our guide. Encountered many critical hits yet? Let us know how your first playthrough is going in our comment section below!

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