Chained Echoes Purity | Understanding Crystal Purity

Chained Echoes has taken the gaming community by storm recently, and there is a lot of reasons why. The game has an old-school vibe and there are a ton of things to do. The game is also complex, which can leave players with a lot of questions. If you’ve got questions about how crystal purity works, we can help with that! Dive into our Chained Echoes Purity Guide to learn more.

What is Purity in Chained Echoes?

chained echoes purity

Purity controls what other crystals you can fuse with. A crystal with a high purity can be fused with better crystals. Lower purity limits your options. When a crystal’s purity level is zero, it cannot be combined at all.

Removing Crystals from Weapons

There is an important factor to consider when you are thinking about removing crystals from equipment. While you can do so, the crystal that comes out of the equipment will not be the same quality as before. In fact, the crystal’s purity is zero after removal. That means it cannot be combined with other crystals in the future. You should carefully consider your decision to combine crystals before going for it, as there is no way to get your crystal back in its prior condition.

How to Fuse Crystals

The purity of a crystal is an important factor in fusing. To create a new crystal, you must select two crystals that have the same passive skill. One of these crystals, known as the “base crystal,” must be artificial, while the other, known as the “fuse crystal,” must have a purity level greater than 0. When fused, these crystals have the purity of the base crystal minus 1. The crystal will become artificial with a rank equal to the sum of both original crystal ranks. The size of the fused crystal will be the average between the two crystals.

And that’s what you need to know about purity in Chained Echoes! Need more guidance? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. So what exactly does the purity do? Like I can have a purity of one and the crystal at level 3, so I’m a little confused. Does purity stat help increase potency?

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