Astral Chain: Recycling Guide | How to Recycle in Astral Chain

astral chain recycling

The star-studded team behind Astral Chain has been receiving mountains of praise for the new Switch game. PlatinumGames has released a title alongside the likes of Takahisa Taura and Hideki Kamiya, with design by the manga artist Masakazu Katsura. Players have been exploring The Ark and collecting tons (and we mean tons) of items along the way. A lot of players have also noticed a description on some items that indicates an Astral Chain recycling mechanic. While this might some like a world of possibilities or crafting, recycling isn’t all it could be.

Astral Chain Recycling Guide

If you’re already exploring the world of Astral Chain, you might have noticed the recycling option when looking at the items you’ve picked up. The use of this specific word has confused a lot of players as to what recycling is and what it, unfortunately, is not. That name implies that maybe you can craft or unlock new things with the scrap items you find around The Ark, but sadly you cannot. The ability to “recycle” an item is just another form of salvaging, or selling, the items in Astral Chain. Recycling an item to a vendor will get you some money quickly and functions as a quick sell option for items found around the world. It might not be the coolest thing but at least with a name like recycling you can think you’re doing something good for the world in the game.

While you aren’t able to start and DIY recycling projects in Astral Chain, you actually can make some customizations to your gameplay. You can even change the audio to be in Japanese instead of the default English option. To learn all about how to make audio changes for your playthrough you can check out our other guide here.

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