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ffxiv castrum lacus litore

After completing a huge amount of Resistance quests to rank up, the finale of the Bozjan Southern Front looms high over you. Castrum Lacus Litore is a huge, 48 person raid that hits hard, if you’re not prepared for battle. You may not need all 48 players, but being ready for the boss’s mechanics is literally half the battle. This FFXIV Castrum Lacus Litore guide will quickly go over the boss mechanics and explain briefly what you might want to expect.

FFXIV Castrum Lacus Litore Guide

This raid is split into 2 groups of 3 full parties. Try to get those groups all set up as you enter the dungeon, and time your engaging of the bosses with the other party. No reason to wipe because someone was too eager!

4th Legion Helldiver

The Helldiver has 4 major commands, each of them targeting your Drill. To protect them, do the following.

  • Lateral Dive: 6 lane stacks. 1 person must stand on each stack to mitigate damage to your drill.
  • Infrared Blast: 2 tethers each shoot 4 times. You must swap player targets on each shot, to avoid the killing blow.
  • Dive Formation: 3 huge stacks. One party should tank each stack. If you can get the timing down, you can have one party tank the first hit, one party tank the second hit, and then the first party can tank the third.
  • Surface Missile: Bait the surface missile outside of the stack, and then move into the stack. This attack hits three times. You’ll have to experiment with how close to the stack you can get.


The upstairs fight gets rid of the drill for an orb mechanic. This one can be tricky!

  • False Thunder: Same side of the boss Arm (he cleaves the other side)
  • Voltstream: Alternate between each set. So, stay in a safe spot until the attack hits, then move into where the hit landed, and repeat.
  • Energy Generation:
    • 1st: Donut around Light Orbs. Get close!
    • 2nd: Circles around dark orbs. Get as far as you can.
    • 3rd: 2 Light and 2 Dark, then the boss has them switch elements (light to dark, dark to light) with the orb they are tethered to. Pay attention!
    • 4th: Orbs will be tethered to the players. The push/pull is 3 tiles away, on the ground that they’re on. Don’t get too close for the pull, don’t get too far because you want to get inside of the donut of the Light orb!
    • 5th: Combo of 3rd and 4th. Same sign means you’ll get pushed, so position yourself based on what the other tethered orb is. Remember, they’re going to swap!


You’re halfway there! Adrammelech isn’t too hard, but you have to keep eyes on your surroundings.

  • Cures of the Fiend & Accursed Becoming
      • More orbs! When orbs go to the middle, effects will occur.
        • Water: Knockback from mid
        • Ice: Freeze any character standing still
        • Fire: Burn any who move/auto-attack
        • Thunder: Huge AoE in the middle
        • Wind: Donut on the edge (mid safe)
        • Earth: Earthquakes from the middle, which align with the arena platform.
      • After 3 minutes, you get 2 active orbs at the same time.
        • Water + Wind: Stand in middle
        • Water + Earth, stand on edge of first circle
        • Earth + Any: Push to the outer circle to avoid most versions of earth attacks.
      •  By the way, the orbs you get are specific
        • You will always get Water
        • You’ll either get Fire or Ice
        • You’ll get one of any of the last three.
  • Burst II & Warped Light: Orbs spawn in a spiral, tethered to the boss. When Warped Light is cast, the last orb on the tether will explode. Get to the opposite side! The tether doesn’t do damage until he finishes Warped Light.


Dawon can hit people up top, fighting Lyon. Be very careful when tanking to aim his AoEs away from them!

  • Molting Plumage: 
      • Red/Golden = Circle AoE
      • Blue/Silver = Donut (get close)
      • After the first set, wind will push the feathers in a clockwise pattern. Try to get under the blue feathers.
  • Obey: He jumps in the order that he places the marker.
      • Plus: Fevid Pulse is a directional AoE, to the bosses front, left, and right. Consider how Dawon is facing before the jump.
      • Circle: Donut AoE.
  • Adds: These adds need to die fast, since their AoEs can confuse the people doing the Lyon fight. Have a tank for each Manticore and Coeurl.
    • Manticore: Ripping claw is a cone cleave (dodgeable). Hammers are a 180 cleave on each side, which follow each other (left/right)
    • Coerls: Hiss – Cone in the front, Spike Flail – cone in the back


An AoE based fight, nothing too complex. Move into the AoE for Heart of Nature after it is used (or where the arrows point). Look away from the boss at “The King’s Notice”. You should have your best DPS comp on Lyon; he wipes the raid if he isn’t at 50% during Raging Winds.

And that’s a super basic overview of Lacus Litore! I wish you luck on this raid. For a more detailed overview, please check out the fantastic guide by reddit user Gleam_Line.

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Nerds and Scoundrels

That’s it for our FFXIV Castrum Lacus Litore Guide! Hit us up with any questions in the comment section below!

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