How to Get to the Manor | FFXIV Haunted Manor 2020 Guide

ffxiv haunted manor

Unfortunately, the team at Square Enix were not quite able to make a brand new Halloween event. That stinks; FFXIV has fantastic event dungeons that really bring the Halloween spirit. However, the Haunted Manor from last year has returned, so you can keep getting spooked in our favorite MMO. Admittedly, the Haunted Manor can be crazy hard to find, which means you might miss out on your chance to get a brand new costume for your character! That’s no fun! So, if you’re wanting to really get into the Halloween spirit this October, our Haunted Manor FFXIV guide will help you out!

Haunted Manor FFXIV

To get to the Haunted Manor in 2020, first go to the Gold Saucer. If you haven’t unlocked that yet, simply complete the quest “It Could Happen to You” to unlock the area. Then, once in the Golden Saucer, talk to the Genial Cruiser (x 5.2, y 6.2). That will bring you right to the haunted manor.

The haunted manor is, unfortunately, quite simple. It’s mostly here for decoration and for a single minor attraction. However, the most important part is still here! Talk to the Unsavory Imp (x 11.2, y 11) to answer a little Buzzfeed quiz. At the end, you’ll transform into a character from the story.

The Manor has been little more than a distraction in the past, but it’s a little sad that the team was unable to get a new event for us. Hopefully, this is just a sign that they’re working on great updates for endgame Shadowbringers! That’d make sense, since Patch 5.35 was already so impressive, with Resistance Weapons and endgame dungeons galore! So make it snappy, and get to the Manor so you can at least have a bit of Halloween before the clock ticks over

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