Path of Exile Mercury Footprints | What Is It On, How Does It Work?

path of exile mercury footprints

There are so many affixes to armor in Path of Exile that it can be rough to keep them all in line. One of these affixes seem to be called “Mercury Footprints,” a buff that can be found on Devoto’s Devotion, a high-level helmet. This is a great item to consider for an Strength/Dexterity build, with a ton of great stat boosts. The question is, what is Mercury Footprints, it’s unique stat? Find out in our Path of Exile Mercury Footprints guide!

Path of Exile Mercury Footprints

Mercury Footprints apply a silver footprint effect on the ground wherever you walk. This is a purely cosmetic effect; it does not increase your movement speed or leave traps on the ground or anything. This is just to make walking around the many battlefields of Path of Exile a little bit more fun.

This is not the only unique item with a cosmetic effect. For example, a bunch of them give the incredibly fun “extra gore” effect. This is a fairly normal benefit for ARPGs, since it can help differentiate items from one another. You’ll never forget Devoto’s Devotion after you’ve had it!

Even with the cosmetic effect, it still has some pretty fantastic reasons to exist. It has a huge attack speed buff, alright Chaos Resistance naturally on it, and a movement speed buff that’s unattached to Mercury Footprints. It’s not a bad idea for builds that need that extra chaos resistance and hit a lot!

The Bringer of Rain is a more tanky item (with the Extra Gore cosmetic effect), but has less movement speed and different damage-dealing stats. You might have a legitimate choice to make between the two of them! 20% extra movement speed is a ton in this game, and can even make up for if you don’t have a jump or a dash linked into your build.


Mercury Footprints might be there as a cosmetic effect, but Devoto’s Devotion is still quite strong! For a mid to late game option, you’ll be quite content with the attack speed buff and some pretty stellar damage reduction skills. Try it out, whenever you are above 74 and willing to throw 5 Gladiators into it.

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