Drake Hollow Supply Trucks | What are They, How to Get Them

drake hollow supply trucks

Drake Hollow has an extensive and solid tutorial, but there’s still some aspects of it that don’t make sense. One of the most important aspects of the game is getting building resources. These will help you improve your island, and even allow you to more easily survive raids and craft! So, how do you get these resources in bulk? Well, by Supply Trucks! But these don’t really drive around, so how do Supply Trucks work? Find out in our Drake Hollow Supply Trucks guide!

Drake Hollow Supply Trucks

Supply Trucks in Drake Hollow are little vans that have crystals on a little pole. If you’ve made a Waypoint before, you should recognize the crystals for yourself. These supply trucks come in 5 different categories; lumber, stone, fabric, circuitry, and scrap. You can tell which truck is which by looking at your map or looking at the back of the truck.


Notice the waypoint pillars in the center of the truck? You can connect those to waypoints by interacting with them, just like you can interact with waypoints that you create yourself. You’ll need to craft a few waypoints to build a network of resources that go from the trucks into your camp. Make two to five waypoints per truck by getting duct tape and glow stones.

Trucks do have a limited supply of resources; the limit is quite high, but you can disconnect from the supply truck if you need to save waypoints. You might still want to make a waypoint chain to get to important islands quickly, but that can come later! Right now, you should focus on connecting the trucks to your home village.

The resources will move slowly towards your camp, and might take a while to get. You won’t see them in your inventory; just in your home depot. You can alternatively slide along your waypoint to the truck to gather the resources that spawn along it.

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And that’s about all for Drake Hollow’s Supply Truck mechanic! The Supply Chain achievement requires you to connect to every type of truck, so you might want to save up waypoints. Check out Nerds & Scoundrels for more Drake Hollow guides!

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