Ghost of Tsushima Parents Guide | How Violent is Ghost of Tsushima?

ghost of tsushima parents guide

Ghost of Tsushima has earned plenty of accolades for its art, combat system, and design. For many, it is already a game of the year contender. But is Ghost of Tsushima appropriate for all age groups? Unfortunately, no. Let’s dive into our Ghost of Tsushima Parents Guide to learn more!

Ghost of Tsushima Parents Guide

Ghost of Tsushima is a Samurai adventure for the Playstation 4. In the game, players take on the role of Jin. Jin is a samurai on a quest to free his people and rescue his uncle from hostile invaders. It should come as no surprise that violence plays a large part in this game. Here are a few things to consider.


The violence in Ghost of Tsushima comes early and often. The core of the game involves sword fighting. There are beheadings and lost limbs, and the streams of blood are constant. There are graphic images of corpses and realistic sound effects each time an enemy is killed. This game can be gory.


There is brief nudity as well. In one scene, Jin exposes his buttocks as he walks into a pool to reflect on his journey. This is the only nudity in the game.


there are a limited number of instances where characters use alcohol. At one point, Jin drinks sake with another character before battle. At another point, there is a character that routinely talks of sake and drunkenness.


The profanity in Ghost of Tsushima is fairly mild, but there is some foul language. Expect a smattering of “bastard,” “damn,” and “s***” throughout the game.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That wraps up our Ghost of Tsushima parents Guide. Whether or not this game is appropriate for your children is up to you, but be advised it contains strong violence and some mild profanity. Good luck out there, parents!

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