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is dark alliance split screen

Taking on some of the many villains of Dungeons & Dragons is hard work, and the new Dungeon Brawler Dark Alliance is showmanship of that. It can be tough to move through dungeons and slay enemies by yourself, even though the game can be quite cathartic! Because of that, Dark Alliance is almost certainly best enjoyed with friends joining you. But, with all modern games, we must ask the question; does Dark Alliance have split-screen co-op? Can you enjoy this game locally with friends? Or does everyone have to have a version of the game if you want to fight beholders with your buddies?

Does Dark Alliance Have Split-Screen Multiplayer Modes?

Unfortunately, Dark Alliance does not have split-screen multiplayer in any kind of way. The only way you can play with your friends is online through the friend system or the lobby system of the game. You can play with Xbox friends on PC, or on older versions of PlayStation and Xbox with newer versions. However, you cannot play this action RPG on the same couch.

This is a shame, but it’s normal in modern day games. Split-screen gameplay requires significantly higher resources, causes game-slowing performance, and is not very popular by the standards of game developers. Few games, especially with the goal of having graphically impressive depictions of Dungeons & Dragons monsters, want to deal with those issues. So, Dark Alliance joins an ever-growing list of games that don’t support couch co-op.

Does that mean that Dark Alliance will never have local co-op? Probably. While nothing has been set in stone, Tuque Studios has enough on it’s plate with early patches and the planned DLC. It’s unlikely that local co-op will find its way onto the patch plans anytime soon.

Thankfully, not all is lost; Dark Alliance does have limited cross-platform opportunities. Specifically, an Xbox and PC player can both play together without a problem, and cross-gen is very much supported. You have a surprisingly wide range of options for multiplayer fun! Unfortunately, local is not amongst them.

We hope this doesn’t keep you from enjoying Wizards of the Coast’s most recent foray into the Action RPG genre. Give Dark Alliance a try if you’re on the fence about it!

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