Spiderman The Heist Newsflash Walkthrough

Spiderman The Heist Newsflash

Need some help with the Marvel’s Spiderman The Heist Newsflash mission? You’ve come to the right place! While Spiderman is enjoying a pizza (Spoiler: his favorite is double pepperoni) you will need to lead MJ in an investigation of a creepy warehouse. Ready to dive in? Keep reading the Spiderman The Heist Newsflash Walkthrough here at Nerds and Scoundrels to get the scoop!

First things first – look around, see if the boy is being held here, and get him to safety. But what do I do if the kid looks like Peter? 

Spiderman The Heist Newsflash Walkthrough

Spiderman The Heist Newsflash

While Spiderman is enjoying his pizza, he gets a call from MJ. She’s traced the license plate you got during Trail of the Cat to a warehouse owned by one of Hammerhead’s old friends. With Spiderman on his way, you’ll control MJ on this mission.

You are only armed with a stun gun so you’ll need to be sneaky. As soon as you enter the warehouse grounds you’ll come across a goon you’ll need to knock out. You’ll notice a stack of counter fit bills nearby, but before you can wonder who thought storing those outside was a good idea you’ll hear more goons nearby.

Use your lure to split them up. Ideally, you will stun them both, but just getting by them is the important part.

Photograph the Money

Spiderman The Heist Newsflash

Once you get past these two you’ll come upon another giant stack of fake cash. Take a picture and keep moving. You are funneled in one direction so you can’t really go the wrong way here. You’ll see a group of four goons between boxes that you will no doubt run into shortly. Next, you’ll come across one guy standing guard. Knock over the box of tools and zap him from behind when he investigates.

Spiderman The Heist Newsflash
That’s great this thing has shipping data, but can I use it to play Fortnite?

Around the corner, you’ll find two more goons. Snap a picture for use in a future prosecution. When they leave, you can sneak up to copy the shipping data from the laptop they were looking at. You’ll need to hide as soon as the boss comes out of the trailer yelling to shoot anyone on sight. That’s your cue to leave!

Getting Out

Stun the guard that is nearby, then keep moving the opposite from the way you came in. You’ll notice two more goons with their back to you blocking your way. Luckily, they have made the tactical error of placing a large stack of fake bills in front of a large fan. Because what could possibly go wrong there?

Spiderman The Heist Newsflash

Hit the fan and allow hilarity to ensue. You can saunter past them as they pick up the money and regret their room design decisions. Around the corner just stun or sneak past two more guys and you’re almost home. Exit the yard into an alley. You’ll notice a large van with several goons to the right of it. Head to the left of the van and you’re in the clear. All that’s left is a cut scene where MJ is passive aggressive about Spiderman eating pizza and the mission is over!

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that’s how you complete Spiderman The Heist Newsflash. Was this Nerds and Scoundrels walkthrough helpful? If so, let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Marvel’s Spiderman content! You can watch Spidey do his thing in the video below.

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