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There are plenty of options for you when you play Ghost of Tsushima. You can customize your armor and wander as you please in the enormous open world. You even have a choice regarding your horse early in the game. But does this choice impact your gameplay? Read our Ghost of Tsushima Horse Guide to learn more!

Ghost of Tsushima Horse Guide

You get two basic choices when you select your horse: the color, and the name. Make these choices based on your own preferences, as it otherwise makes little difference in the outcome of your game.

Choosing the Color of your Horse

In total, you have three horse colors to choose from. When you select your horse, you can take a black horse, a white horse, or the dapple horse. These are the only options you will get when selecting your horse in Ghost of Tsushima.

Picking your Horse Name

You have three names to choose from for your horse. There is no real in-game impact on the name you select. In fact, the only difference between the three is that you will trigger slightly different voice actor dialogue. The three available names and their meanings are:


Nerds and Scoundrels

That’s it for our Ghost of Tsushima Horse Guide. What color did you pick? What did you name your horse? We want to hear about your choices. Let us know what you went with in the comment section below.

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