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corruption 2029 weapons

Corruption 2029 is a new turn-based tactical strategy game that was created by the same developers, The Bearded Ladies, which released Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. This title is set in a near-future dystopian America, where you take control of a squad of augmented humans, and seek to end the current regime of New America. Using your units augments venture deep into New America and discover what the cause of the Corruption is. Below we provide the full rundown with our Corruption 2029 Weapons Guide.

Weapon Characteristics

In Corruption 2020 there is an array of weapons that players will need to master to succeed on the battlefields. The weapons can be split into three characteristics, the damage it causes, its attack pattern and its ammo capacity.

Every weapon will cause damage, but how much depends on the type of weapon. But even if a gun doesn’t cause substantial damage, it might instead have a higher chance to inflict critical damage.

Attack pattern is defined by how the weapon is fired. Some guns might cause AoE (area of effect) damage, but others might fire in a cone, hitting multiple enemies if grouped. And of course, you’ll get the single target guns.

Ammo capacity is how many shots is in a single clip before having to reload your weapon. This will differ depending on the power of your weapon, as smaller lighter guns will have a higher ammo clip, where more damaging firearms will have you reload after every other shot.


Technically, there’s a fourth one that isn’t inherently a characteristic of the weapon, but it’s vitally important. Noise is a central mechanic of this game, as it’s entirely possible to play stealthily, but enemies will hear gunshots and act accordingly.

All guns will make noise unless they are silenced. However, if the silenced weapon doesn’t kill an opponent, then they will cry out and alert any allies that are around them. Tactics are essential when playing this game.

Weapon Types

In Corruption 2029, they are currently six weapon types in the game; Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Flamethrowers, and Miniguns. Each one of these types will have utterly different characteristics from each other.


Pistols might not be powerful; however, they have a generous ammo capacity, so perfect as a backup weapon. The first pistol in the game is a CP-5, damage of 3, critical damage of 6, and an ammo clip of 4.

HP-23 Silenced is another pistol you can get. It has a damage of 4, critical damage of 5, and an extra 20% critical chance. It has a clip of 3 and a range of 10 tiles. And it is silenced, so no need to worry about enemies hearing you, ideal for those who value the stealth approach.


Rifles are your semi-ranged weapon, these deal high damage to a single enemy, but over a lot of distance, their accuracy will start to falter. They’re currently two types of Rifles, the F26-Assault, has a damage of 4, critical damage of 5 and a 4 round clip. The F26-Silenced, has the damage of 4, critical damage of 6 but a single shot ammo capacity.


Shotguns are a very short-ranged weapon, that fire in a cone, so perfect for enemies hunched together. But the closer you are, the more accurate and damaging your shots will become. The ZEBRA SG-33 is the standard go-to shotgun, with a damage of 5 and critical damage of 8. Not only is this is a high damaging weapon, but it also knocks back enemies that have survived.

Sniper Rifles

Next up are Sniper Rifles, these are your long-range weapons, and are the only weapon that can penetrate through walls. However, these are single-fire guns, and accuracy increases upon distance. Becoming too close to an enemy reduces this massively. The standard-issue sniper is the RAK 52, damage of 4, critical damage of 6, with an extra 15% critical hit chance. It has one round in a clip, and the total range is 27 tiles. However, Snipers are incredibly loud, so upon firing, all enemies in the vicinity will know exactly where this unit is.


Flamethrowers are your AoE weapons that deal significant damage over a large area. However, flame pools will still be in that areas after the attack, so it’s best to avoid moving through that area until the flames have gone.


Miniguns, these are the most destructive weapons in the game. But alas, they do have some mighty flaws as well. This weapon fires in a cone, so anything within that area is going to be extraordinarily hurt. But the Minigun needs reloading after every barrage it unleashes. The Boyo Max 15 is the standard-issue Minigun. The Minigun cannot be used behind cover.


You also have a few pieces of kit you can use in a fight, such as grenades and medkits. Upon completing specific campaign missions, you can acquire a permanent squad upgrade. The first upgrade is a different type of grenade, the Incendiary Grenade, which unleashes napalm over the surface it hits, and causes fire damage for two turns.


To close out our Corruption 2029 weapons guide, we look at implants that affect your guns. Now, as you lead a squad of augmented units, these augments are going to play an essential role in your survival. They are two types of implants active and passive.

Active augments have to be triggered to use, but can only be used repeatedly after the cooldown. But passive implants are not limited by usage; they are always active. They will always grant the bonus effect, no matter what.

Passive augments are going to be the most beneficial when it comes to your loadout as certain implants will connect with particular weapon better. It entirely depends on your play style.

Here are some Weapon Passive Implants:

Weapon Range Boost 1 is a passive implant that increases weapon range by 25%. As every unit can only carry two weapons, both of these get the 25% range increases.

Highground Booster, this passive implant increases the potential damage of a weapon, if the shooter is on high-ground. It gives the gun an extra 50% chance to score a crit.

Wrapping Up our Corruption 2029 Weapons Guide

That puts a bow on our Corruption 2029 Weapons Guide. Did we leave anything? If you like this, don’t forget to check out our rundown of the best 2029 corruption implants as well.


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