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corruption 2029 implants

Corruption 2029 is the latest turn-based tactical strategy game released by The Bearded Ladies. Their last title was called Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, but it was more of the fantasy side of things. Were mutations were the big thing in that title. However, with Corruption 2029, instead of mutations, they decided to go down the cyberpunk-esque road with augmentation. Your squad of augmented soldiers are going deep into enemy territory, of the New American Council, to find out what the Corruption really is. Our Corruption 2029 Implants Guide can help you navigate the battlefield. 


Now this game is heavily based on stealth, as the first augment every unit has is active camouflage. This means that ambushes and setting up the positioning of your units is vital to winning firefights. However, once a shot has been fired from active camo, the camo is gone, and enemies can see you.


This is a significant advantage as even if one person has been noticed, the rest of the team hasn’t, so the ambush is still in effect. The downside to this is that that one member now has all of the attention. It’s a double-edged sword.




They’re two types of augments available that can be equipped to your units, passive and active. Passive augments are always in effect. As long as a passive implant is equipped, its always going to be active. These implants are primarily buffs; they always increase something in a positive way. Whether it’s for your weapon or it increases a unit’s survivability. 


A passive implant, for example, is Weapon Range Boost 1, which increases the weapons range by 25%. As every squad member can only carry two weapons, both of these get the 25% range increases.


Where a passive is always in effect, an active implant has to be triggered for use. These abilities can only be activated in combat. After a skill has been used, it goes into cooldown, where it cannot be activated again for a little while. 


Usually, this cooldown is based upon time, so these implants, after a few turns, would become active again. But in Corruption 2029, this cooldown system is based on kills instead. Once an implant is used, it will tell you how many required kills are needed before that ability can be used again. It’s a pretty unique system.


Each unit can have up to three implants at one time; however, this is three in total. So a mixture of both passive and active has to be made.

Active Implants

These implants are rewarded by completing missions and bonus objectives. Before every mission, it will tell you what the rewards are and if there is an optional objective to achieve. Here are some Active Implants:


Augmented Leap

With this implant equipped, the user can leap great distances with a single leap. It also knocks back enemies upon landing. So perfect for a sniper user to get up high vantage points, or a shotgun wielder to get up close and personal quickly.


Kinetic Barrier

This implant allows the user to throw a bulletproof shield to a specific area that lasts for one turn. This can be used to protect a unit that is almost dying, that needs medical attention. This shield will protect them from all bullets, but foes can still enter the protection and fire from within.


Armor Splitter

This implant, when equipped, destroys enemy armor. This is going to be vital for missions later on in the game. Early game, you’ll only find a few users with a single piece of armor, but that’s going to change quickly. This would be handy on a sniper, so the users up close can deal the damage.


Nitro Shot

This active implant allows the user to fire a bullet containing supercooled gas that will freeze any enemies that come into contact with it. This effect only lasts one turn, but in dire situations, this will become a lifeline.



This is an augment that can be used to charge through walls. It will also knock back enemies if they happen to be behind said wall.



This implant takes over the enemy unit, and it becomes an ally for a single turn. This controlled enemy is an extra person you control for the duration of Mindhack. When controlled, he can fire at his enemies or whatever you want him to do.



This implant allows you to create a decoy of yourself. So if you were under fire and trapped, using this lure will divert all attention away from you towards the bait. Allowing you to move to a new location with ease.

Passive Implants

 Here are some Passive Implants:


Movement Booster

This raises the endurance and stamina in the user’s brain, which allows them to move further when in combat. The total increases the total movement by 4 tiles. Perfect for a support-based unit.


Armor Booster

This implant gives a single piece of armor to the unit. Every unit has a total of 10 hit points, with this implant, they’ll have 10 plus 1 armor. However, this armor regenerates after every hit; it doesn’t just disappear after the initial strike. Perfect for units who are going to be in the thick of the fight.


Health Booster

This passive implant is very much like the armor booster. But instead of giving you 1 bit of armor, it gives you an additional 4 health points, for a total of 14. Which is incredibly decent for survivability.

Wrapping Up our Corruption 2029 Implants Guide

That’s the end of our Corruption 2029 Implants Guide. We hope you found these tips helpful, and look forward to hearing about your experience playing the game. For now, check out our Corruption 2029 Weapons Guide for more content!

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