Remant from the Ashes Nightmare Guide | Nightmare Boss Battle

remnant from the ashes nightmare

The new release from Gunfire Games has been gaining love from fans everywhere in recent weeks. The survival action shooter has its fair share of challenges and the Remnant from the Ashes Nightmare boss might be on the top of the list for player’s pain. If you find yourself stumped on the Nightmare boss fight to, then have no worries, we’ve got your guide on how to beat the boss here!

Remnant from the Ashes Nightmare Guide

When you reach the low-level basement in Ward 13 you will find a mirror. Going inside of this mirror leads you to a fight against both the Dreamer and the Nightmare. While a two boss battle might sound like, well, a nightmare it is at least simple for the first part. The Dreamer can go down pretty quickly with a few quick, calculated shots to its head. You’ll do the best here if you have the Ruin weapon, which you can learn how to get by visiting our Undying King choice guide.

After the Dreamer is down, he’ll run away and come back in a giant suit that is named the Nightmare. If you got the Ruin rifle, which we recommend, it will need to be charged because it’ll let you revive. Shoot the Nightmare and other enemies as much as you can while carefully dodging the fireballs. When you get teleported make sure to kill as many enemies as possible so you can do maximum damage to the Nightmare when you get back.

When you get back, use the Repeater Pistol with the Wildfire Mod to inflict the most damage. Hit the Nightmare with everything you can until you start to see the Dreamer peeking out of the Nightmare’s chest. He’ll come out and go back into the Nightmare suit a few times. Just keep at it and eventually, he will be dead.

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