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There is a lot to manage in your dynasty in Crusader Kings 3, and culture and opinion is a vast majority of it. As culture determines your kingdom’s innovations, but that causes an adverse effect on people’s opinions of you. Though luckily only by a small margin! Learn how to alter your culture with our CK3 Change Culture Guide.

Ck3 Change Culture Guide

At the moment they are several ways to change the culture; the most basic is removing a Vassal that is raised in a different culture/society and granting the title, the boon to someone from your House, with the background culture you desire. Though it is the most basic, it’s not easy to accomplish it peacefully. Though if you arrest anyone that opposes you, who can oppose you?

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The second way is culture through Guardianship. This means convincing a Vassal to hand over their heir, to become your ward or a ward of anyone in your court. Doing this means that you can tick a box to begin a culture conversion. This gives you a chance for the next ruler of being the Vassal, the Guardian, to have the culture you desire.

And finally, you can use the Council Action Promote Culture; this changes the county culture to your own Houses culture, but has no effect on the current ruler. In theory, which doesn’t amount to much, as if the ruler doesn’t change the culture, then it’s pointless doing this. However, there is a slight chance of the ruler changing their own culture to match the County’s, but it’s not a guarantee, plus it takes a long time to happen. The main reason to use Council Action Promote Culture is to reduce the penalty with peasant factions, but alas, it’s not even worth using it for this reason.

The most surefire method is the Guardianship method, as no tyranny is involved, no arrests have to be made, and it’s not pointless to do.

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That wraps up our CK3 Change Culture Guide. Check out the rest of our CK3 coverage as we dive into this great game.

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