Hogwarts Legacy Best House | Which House Should You Choose?

If you are a long-time fan of the Harry Potter franchise, the chances are good you already have a favorite house. From Hufflepuff to Slytherin, people have been identifying with these houses for years through a variety of online quizzes. But which one is the best option in Hogwarts Legacy? the good news is that there is very little difference, meaning you can get the full experience out of the game no matter what your favorite house is. Still wondering about the differences? Get the scoop with our Hogwarts Legacy Best House Guide.

Choosing the Best House in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Best House

The difference between the houses is pretty minor when it comes to actually playing the game. There are some dialogue differences, particularly when you meet characters for the first time. This is usually limited to them mentioning they are from the same house as you. There are a few other differences to be aware of, though.

Different Common Rooms

The major aesthetic difference between the four houses is the common rooms and the people in it. Each room is very different, with plenty of interesting detail that makes them stand out. These common rooms and their entrances are unique, but they do not have a major impact on how your game plays out.

Different Companions

Another difference between the houses is the companion you pick up along the way. Honestly, I appreciate that each house has a unique cast of characters instead of inserting your pre-selected companion in whatever house you land in. The companions you gain include:

GryffindorNatty Onai
HufflepuffPoppy Sweeting
RavenclawAmit Thakkar
SlytherinSebastian Sallow

Different House Colors

Sure, this doesn’t sound like a big deal. But if you feel strongly about what your character looks like, the color scheme of the house might be of interest to you. You’ll be wearing your robes throughout the game, so be sure not to pick an option that isn’t going to meet your tastes. The house colors are:

GryffindorRed and Gold
HufflepuffYellow and Black
RavenclawBlue and Bronze
SlytherinGreen and Silver

Can I Change Houses in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you select your house at the beginning of the game, you are locked into that choice. There is no mechanic that allows you to swap houses later. Thankfully, your choice of house will have little impact on the outcome of the main storyline.

That wraps up our guide to picking the best house. Ultimately, any choice you make will be the right one! Let us know what you went with in the comment section below!

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