How to Activate the Astral Chain Japanese Audio

astral chain japanese audio

The newest action-filled game from PlatinumGames has been taking Switch users by storm. In Astral Chain players gain control of two characters at once in a world designed by the manga artist Masakazu Katsura. The star-studded team behind Astral Chain also includes Takahisa Taura and Hideki Kamiya, players have been loving the game so far. By default, the game will start with English audio and subtitles. But you can actually unlock the Astral Chain Japanese audio as well for your playthrough.

Astral Chain Japanese Audio Guide

To get the option for changing the audio you have to complete File/Chapter 1. If it’s your first time in the story, then you will reach the end of the first stage when returning to the Police Station. Once you’ve reached this point you should gain the ability to move freely, that’s who you’ll know you can change the audio settings. Next, bring up the menu using the Minus button and select ‘System.’ Scroll down the menu and select ‘Return to Title’ which will bring you to the Main Menu. From here you’ll need to select ‘Options’ and change the language preferences for ‘Voice’ and ‘Display.’ And just like that, you have the Japanese audio for Astral Chain!

With your audio preferences set, you’re ready to get to playing the rest of the game. Don’t forget, while you play, you’ll find a ton of different items along the way. This game has everything you can think of just laying around in the world. You’ll probably find that there’s way more items than you could ever want. Put this excess of items to good use with the recycling mechanic. Learn all about how to recycle your unwanted items in our other handy guide for Astral Chain recycling.

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And that concludes our Astral Chain Japanese Audio guide! Need more help with Astral Chain? We’ve got more coming so stick around!

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  1. There is another way to switch the language right away, in case you want to play with Japanese voices right away. You start the game and let the first cutscene start. This creates an auto-save. If you turn the game off and reboot it, you wont start the story mode again, like before, but you can now enter the options from the titlescreen. Then after changing your language, you can simply start a new game and rewrite it over the auto-save. Done!

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