Should I Release the Pixie in Baldur’s Gate 3? (Answered)

If you have spent much time on Baldur’s Gate 3, you might have crossed paths with the Pixie named Dolly. Trapped in a magical lantern, you have the option of setting her free or leaving her trapped within the device. What’s the best play here? Find out with our Should I Release the Pixie in Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide.

You Should Release the Pixie in Baldur’s Gate 3

baldur's gate 3 should I release the pixie

it is definitely a good idea to free the pixie from the moonlantern right away. Letting her out means Dolly will grant you Pixie’s Blessing. This is a permanent boon that follows you any time you are in this location. It protects you from the Shadow Curse, making it a very beneficial tradeoff.

Releasing her easy. You can just open the dialogue box and select release the pixie. Once she is out of the lamp, the pixie will ask you what you’d like in return. Using the dialogue choices, you can tell her about your desire to travel without worrying about the Shadow Curse. She will then grant you Pixie’s Blessing, which protects you from the curse.

The major downside to this choice is that the moonlantern was your best option for providing light and illuminating wraiths or shadows.

Leaving the Pixie in the Lantern

There is also a downside to keeping the pixie in the lantern. If you choose not to free her, one of your characters will be required to lug her around. This takes away a free hand that could be used for holding a weapon to literally anything else. The benefit of using the lantern as a light that can reveal wraiths is nice, but it is usually a better tradeoff to let her free and make use of Pixie’s Blessing. If you do choose to leave the pixie in the lantern, you can release her later.


That’s it for our guide on whether you should release the pixie from the moonlantern in BG3. In our view, it is worth it to release her right away. However, you can do so at a later time if you choose not to trade her freedom for Pixie’s Blessing.

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