CK3 Educate Child Guide | How to Educate, What are the Upsides?

CK3 educate child

Crusader Kings 3 is all about generations and heirs. To continue down your family line is critical for a safe and well-molded experience. You can really hone your child’s skills if you want to in CK3, and that will let them become more influential rulers. If you Educate your Children in CK3, you’ll have a significantly better time in the generational changes between rulers. In our CK3 Educate Child guide, you’ll learn the basics of giving your heir the best chance at life.

How to Educate Child in Crusader Kings 3

To educate your child, you must make sure they are your heir and wards. One the child gets to around their third birthday, they get a Childhood Trait. This trait is a hint about what educational path they will follow the best, as well as which one they will struggle with. At this point, to the right of the portraits, there will be an Education Focus option. This will only be available around their 6th to 9th birthday.

Upon their 16th Birthday, they will gain an education trait. The more successful their schooling, the greater their stat bonus and monthly skill experience. For that reason, it’s recommended to match schooling for their childhood, unless you’re going for a specific build. The amount of monthly skill lifestyle experience is frankly absurd, with up to 40% at maximum ranks in their learning trait. The ranks also seem to be attached to the traits of the Guardian, so matching your tutors to your Ward is a smart idea.

There is still a bit we don’t really know about the Education trait system, primarily if there are alternate routes to get higher ranks in your education skill. However, we do know that Education Focus is enough of a boon that you can still get to rank 2 as long as you select an education that they don’t necessarily struggle with. Then, you can start building your kingdom towards whatever benefit you need it to; if your Kingdom is preparing for war, then making your heirs slowly build up Martial might be useful.

All this to say that Crusader Kings 3 has a very good system for slowly turning your kingdom into whatever you want it to be, provided you have the time and heirs.

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