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arma 3 best sniper

Arma 3 has a ton of weapons for you to try in skirmishes… However, they were not exactly kind with the variety of hardcoded sniper rifles that one has on hand. Your two options – the GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm, or the M320 LRR .408 – each are incredibly powerful when positioned correctly. So, if you have the choice between the two sniper rifles, which one is the best? Our guide to the Best Sniper Arma 3 will attempt to guide your decision-making.

Arma 3 Best Sniper

So, there are two Sniper rifles in the game… And the best Sniper in the game is probably the GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm. This is without taking into mind the Marksmen Rifles, which have great range and rate of fire themselves. This is specifically thinking about what the game considers to be categorized as Sniper Rifles.

Why is the GM6 Lynx the better of the two? Well, let’s talk about what these guns do better than one another, because this is a really close comparison.

The M320 LRR .408 is better in a ton of categories. It has a better Magazine cap at 7, is twice as accurate, weighs much less, and has better range (at 2000 m). This allows it to be more useful in long-ranged skirmishes, where the GM6 Lynx’s 1500 m range would be less effective. With a magazine cap of 5, the GM6 is also forced to reload more often than your standard Lynx.

So, what does the Lynx do better? The Lynx has triple the fire rate, higher damage potential at short ranges, and the ability to load Anti-Armor rounds. That’s right; you have the versatility and ability to bust tanks and light vehicles with this bullpup. It can also still hit up to 2,000 meters away from it… But at that point, there’s enough damage falloff to be problematic.

Therefore, the Lynx is better at short-range engagements and against tanks, while the LRR seems better at loading and at longer ranges. However, the rate of fire is a huge problem for the LRR; without the ability to very quickly take shots at enemies, misses will hurt the LRR much more than it hurts the Lynx, and allows for more reaction time for your opponents. It’s a bit easier to land your hits, admittedly!

That being said, the GM6 Lynx is definitely the best choice if you only want to be a sniper. The Lynx would be better if you want to have a great, long-ranged option for picking off foes and a medium-weight weapon to deal with opponents who get close.

Realistically, if you only care about sniper rifles, then these two guns are different enough to be preference-oriented. Try them both out, and see if the LRR’s better accuracy can make up for the Lynx’s better fire rate.

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