We Ranked The Best Pistols in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Best Pistol

Apex Legends has quickly become a hit among battle royale fans; over one million players downloaded the game within the first day. Whether you were one of them or are new to the game, it can’t hurt to get a rundown of the weapons you have at your disposal. While a pistol doesn’t sound like an ideal weapon for a big brawl on a large map, the weapon type is very effective. Want to know which is the best? Nerds and Scoundrels has the Apex Legends Best Pistol List for you.

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Apex Legends Best Pistol List

There are four pistols in Apex Legends:

  • RE-45 Auto
  • Mozambique Shotgun
  • Wingman
  • P2020

Wait a minute – is that a shotgun on this list? Well, despite the name, the Mozambique Shotgun is considered a pistol in Apex Legends. It is a hybrid between the two weapon types. It is the size of a pistol but fires a spread shot like a shotgun.

When we considered these rankings, we looked at the base damage each pistol does, how well that damage is applied, and how difficult the gun is to come by. Let’s jump into our Apex Legends Best Pistol List.

4. Mozambique Shotgun

Triple-barrel shotgun pistol
45 Bodyshot Damage
66 Headshot Damage
Available Slots: Optic, Mag

The much-maligned Mozambique shotgun is considered by many to be the worst weapon in the game. It is technically a pistol, but it fires shotgun shells. While the on-paper damage looks nice, the damage isn’t applied well due to the spread of shotgun pellets. The end result is weak damage at terrible range. It’s not our favorite pistol, that’s for sure.

3. P2020

Semi-Automatic Pistol
12 Bodyshot Damage
18 Headshot Damage
Available Slots: Optic, Mag

The P2020 isn’t a bad early-game pistol, and it compares fairly well to the second pistol on our list. This weapon is semi-automatic and holds 10 rounds.

The rate of fire is decent, and the 10 rounds it holds is near the top of its class. Unfortunately, while this weapon is well-rounded it is outclassed by at least one other weapon in almost every way. The RE-45 has better rate of fire, while the other options have far more damage.

Our verdict: the P2020 is fine for the early-game but consider an upgrade.

2. RE-45 Automatic

Automatic Pistol
11 Bodyshot Damage
16 Headshot Damage
Available Slots: Barrel, Mag, Optic

The only automatic pistol in the game, the RE-45 is the king of rate of fire. It holds an impressive 15 rounds and is the only pistol with an available barrel slot. If you can handle the recoil, this pistol applies damage very well. In fact, it more than makes up for having the lowest base damage out of all the pistols.

The biggest competitor to an RE-45 isn’t really a pistol, either. While this gun compares favorably to other pistols, it is outmatched by may submachine guns.

1. Wingman

Apex Legends Best Pistol

High Powered Revolver
45 Bodyshot Damage
90 Headshot Damage
Available Slots: Optic, Mag, Hop-Up

The Wingman isn’t just our favorite pistol in Apex Legends; it’s one of our favorite guns in the game. While a pistol might not sound like the ideal battle royale weapon, this monster deals huge damage and is a killing machine in capable hands. While it only holds six bullets, the devastating headshot ability means you don’t need a lot of ammo if you’ve got skills.

The skills part is important. This thing can be tough to aim, and it doesn’t have an available barrel slot that you can use to improve it.


Wingman vs. RE-45

When it comes to choosing between these two, it really comes down to your play style. The Wingman deals so much more damage that, for most people, it will be the obvious choice. But if you are a fan of rapid-fire pistols and don’t have the best aim, you may be better off spraying lead with the automatic RE-45.

RE-45 vs. P2020

These two weapons have pretty similar stats on paper; in fact the P2020 has slightly better damage. When we say slight we  mean it, as the P2020 only has a single point of damage on the RE-45 and every other metric is more favorable to the automatic. The RE-45 has a much higher rate of fire, meaning you will do more damage per second despite each shot be slightly less powerful. The RE-45 also has a larger ammo capacity and more available slots.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Apex Legends Best Pistol List. Would you rank them differently? Let us know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Apex legends content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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