The Best Apex Legends Sniper Rifles Ranked

Apex Legends Best Sniper Rifle

When it comes to battle royale style games like Apex Legends, much of the talk about weapons centers around what works best at close range. So often, these games devolve into in-your-face brawls that are best resolved with a shotgun or pistol. But sniping from a distance is more than viable in Apex Legends, which is why Nerds and Scoundrels has come up with our list of the best Apex Legends sniper rifles. Let’s dive in, yes?

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Apex Legends Best Sniper Rifle Guide

When it comes to firing at long range, nothing can compete with the sniper rifle. There are four sniper rifles available in Apex Legends:

  • G7 Scout
  • Longbow DMR
  • Triple Take
  • Kraber

None of these rifles are bad, but some certainly stand out. There are noticeable differences in the three, including ammo type and customization options. When considering what makes the best sniper rifle, we look at the base damage, how well that damage is applied, and how difficult it is to acquire the gun.

Another thing to consider with these weapons is customization. Unlike other guns in this game that are good to go out of the box, every sniper rifle save the Kraber is greatly improved with accessories. A scope is especially important.

4. G7 Scout

Apex Legends Best Sniper Rifle

Semi-Automatic Light Sniper Rifle
60 Headshot Damage
30 Bodyshot Damage
Available Slots: Barrel, Optic, Mag, Stock

The G7 is essentially the consensus pick for worst sniper rifle. That doesn’t mean it’s bad; it’s pretty useful in a pinch. This is especially true in the early game. Its strength is in its rate of fire; it can squeeze off rounds quickly enough to land multiple shots against hostiles. This is important, unfortunately, because the G7 isn’t powerful enough to land headshot kills will any frequency. The 10-round magazine is also a nice touch. The rifle can be improved with mods, but it falls short of all the other options.

3. Longbow DMR

apex legends best sniper rifle

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
55 Bodyshot Damage
110 Headshot Damage
Available Slots: Barrel, Optic, Mag, Stock, Hop-Up

One reason that the G7 is the consensus worst pick is that the Longbow is better at almost everything. This rifle is essentially a linear upgrade. Sure, it only hold five rounds. But the Longbow DMR packs nearly as much damage with a body shot as the G7 does with a headshot. The Longbow also has an extra available slot for customization. If you have a choice between G7 vs. Longbow DMR, take the Longbow.

2. Triple Take

Apex Legends Best Sniper Rifle

Triple-barrel Sniper RIfle
69 Bodyshot Damage
138 Headshot Damage
Available Slots: Optic, Stock, Hop-Up

The Triple Take is an odd weapon that really stands apart from the other sniper rifles. It fires bullets at once, almost like a shotgun. This is a great option if you are a good aim as the headshot damage is massive. With mods, you can improve the range and tighten the bullet spread to really make this sniper rifle a monster. Bear in mind, this weapon uses energy rounds unlike every other sniper rifle. The standard magazine will hold five rounds. All in all, this is one of our favorites and there are lots of ways to customize it.

1. Kraber .50-CAL Sniper Rifle

Apex Legends Sniper Rifle

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
125 Bodyshot Damage
250 Headshot Damage
Available Slots: None

The Kraber is an absolute beast, and one of the best weapons in the game. It’s important to mention up front that this is a legendary weapon and you will only find them on rare occasions in drops. Despite the rarity, there’s no question this sniper rifle is at the top of the list. With 250 headshot damage, it does more than 4 times the headshot damage of the G7. The rate of fire is the slowest of all sniper rifles, but who cares? Even landing a bodyshot with this thing can be deadly. And unlock other sniper rifles that need to tweaked with parts, the Kraber is perfect out of the box. It even has a built in scope for your convenience. Remember, legendary weapons use special ammo that you won’t be able to replenish, so fire wisely.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Apex Legends Best Sniper Rifle List. Did you agree with our rankings? Would you place these guns differently? We want to hear from you. Leave us a comment below and weigh in. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Apex Legends content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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