High on Life Epic Legendary Prize | How to Unlock It

There are a lot achievements available in High on Life. Some of them are hard to come by, requiring you to play through countless bounty missions or kill tough bosses. Others are not so difficult. Epic Legendary Prize falls into that second category – sort of. All this achievement requires is your time, but the five minutes you spend will be painful. Let’s dive into our High on Life Epic Legendary Prize Guide.

Unlocking the Epic Legendary Prize Achievement in High on Life

high on life epic legendary prize

This achievement is all about watching TV with your buddy Gene. You can pick up this achievement at any point once Gene moves into the home. Any time you head home, Gene will be on the couch watching TV. There are always a variety of commercials on at any given point. Some of these commercials are funny; others are useful for shedding light on the world around you. And one of them is just really annoying. That’s the one you’ll need to watch to pick up this achievement.

For this achievement, watch what is on TV in your home until you see a robot appear on screen. An annoying countdown game will begin that takes roughly five minutes to complete. If you watch the entire commercial, you get the achievement. Simple as that!

Can I Speed This Up Any?

You’ll need to watch the entire countdown from beginning to end before you can get this achievement. If you leave at any point, you will have to start all over in order to get it in the future. In total, the commercial is about five minutes long, so maybe grab a snack. As long as you stay in the room while the commercial is running, the achievement will activate.

You can speed up the process of getting to this commercial, however. You have no control over what is on the TV when you arrive home. What you can do is save the game and continuously reload your save until the commercial comes on. This can help you get the achievement much faster compared to waiting until you come across it naturally.

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