FFXIV Lunar Bahamut | How to Defeat Lunar Bahamut in FFXIV

ffxiv lunar bahamut

Lunar Bahamut is the current final boss of patch 5.5 Shadowbringers… Well, in the story mode. He’s awaiting you and Tiamat at the end of Paglth’an, and he is as brutal and vicious as his original form. Tiamat taken out of the fight, it’s up to you, the Warrior of Light, to remove this force of nature from the Paglth’an dungeon. So, it’s not a bad idea to understand what you’re up against. Our Lunar Bahamut FFXIV guide will let you know how to specifically dodge his moves.

Lunar Bahamut FFXIV Guide

Lunar Bahamut is a somewhat annoying endboss. He has a lot of area of effect attacks that can be overwhelming to dodge. However, there can be some specific things you can do to dodge almost every one of his attacks.

  • Twisted Scream: This is a low damage Arena Wide that starts summoning small nails which explode a short while after landing. So, keep track of the order that these nails crash to the ground and move towards older ones, and then move towards where explosions happened.
  • Perigean Breath: This is a massive, massive cone that targets a specific ally. It also happens directly after the first Twisted Scream. Pay attention to where Bahamut turns towards and start moving horizontally.
  • Akh Morn: Stay in this stack until 4 ticks of damage land. Otherwise, your stacking target will feel some pain!
  • Megaflare: Stay out of the way of each other during this attack. This is because they will cause explosions afterwards, so make sure you start moving the moment after you take damage.
  • Twisted Scream – Megaflare Dive: Bahamut becomes invisible and sets up a massive AoE. Find what Nail landed last on either side of the arena. Go under the last nail’s AoE to avoid the Megaflare Dive. Then, before the last nail explodes, head towards the middle of the arena. If you do it correctly, you should be comfortably safe from Vuln stacks.
  • Kan Rhai: A X-shaped AOE on a specific target. After you take one hit, run right out of X AoE, or you’ll suffer a ton of damage. It won’t follow you, so move out quickly; you might want to keep moving (away from your party) while it targets you.
  • Lunar Flare: That’s a ton of circles! Check the north, south, east, and west. If there are small circles there, then run to the center. Otherwise, if there’s a large circle in the center, then you must run to one of the cardinal sides of the arena.
  • Gigaflare: A high damage Area of Effect. The Healer or Tank should try to reduce damage however possible.

At this point, the attacks repeat each other, though some attacks will have additional mechanics. The second Kan Rhai will target two characters, and the order is going to change. Be ready for anything! But, follow the rules and you’ll be more than fine.

Good luck taking down Lunar Bahamut! While he’s far from his original form, he can be a devastating foe if you’re not ready. We hope this helped you crush Paglth’an!

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