Yak Milk FFXIV Guide | How to Get and Use Yak Milk in FFXIV

Yak Milk FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV keeps getting better and better, and bigger and bigger with every new expansion that drops. However, to get specific items, they’ve made it easier to get by buying the expansions. So for those who are still getting through say Heavensward, sadly, you need still need to grind out and farm monsters to get items. See our Yak Milk FFXIV Guide for more!

What to Do with Yak Milk in FFXIV

One such example of this is the Yak Milk, a level 120 item. If you drink this milk, you’ll get a 3% boost in experience for 30mins or by drinking multiple, and it can be extended to 60mins which in all honesty is pretty decent, especially for those just starting on their MMO journey. Though, sadly it’s a level 50+ item, so perfect for usage on your other characters, with a different class.

How to Get Yak Milk

Sadly, the only way to get this Yak Milk pre Shadowbringers, which is the latest expansion. Is to farm level 51 Wooly Yaks in the area of Coerthas Western Highlands – Twinpools. Now you would think that getting Yak Milk from Wooly Yaks would be pretty easy, well sadly not. Even though the drop rate is 35.9% for a chance to get between 1-3 Yak Milks, that’s still an extremely low percentage of acquiring the said item. Though this method is the quickest way to get it technically, it’s still a long drawn out method and heavily based on luck.


Luckily, they are other ways to get Yak Milk, but overall it might take you a bit longer. There are certain quests called Levequests that you can do to get a pool of specific items. A Levequest is a repeatable quest that you can take; however, there is a finite amount that you can take, as you have an allotment of up to 100. And they replenish by three every 12 hours.

For example, one LVL 50 Levequest called Little Orphan Candy has a six pool of possible items you can acquire from completing it: Fire Crystals either x10-15, Water Crystals either x10-15, three Old World Fig, and five Yak Milk. Though once again, it’s based on luck what reward you receive. It’s rumored that the rewards in Levequests change every hour, so it’s worthwhile to test this out to see if you can farm Yak Milk this way.

Here are the available Levequests for the chance to get Yak Milk:

Confections of Confession (L)50
Little Orphan Candy50
Loving that Muffin Top52
Muffin of the Morn (L)52
No Margarine for Error (L)52
Nostalgia through the Stomach (L)50
Persona non Gratin52
Recipe for Disaster (L)52
Soup’s On (L)50
Such a Butter Face52
The Aroma of Faith50
The Next to Last Supper50
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Other Options

There is another alternative, however. If you have the latest expansion, Shadowbringers, there is now an NPC Vendor that sells this Yak Milk for x617 Gil. Their name is Vral, who can be found in The Crystarium – The Quadrivium – Musica Universalis. 


Or you could try asking someone to buy you some Yak Milk, which could work! 

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