High on Life Human Haven Keycard | How to Get It

In the game High On Life, players can uncover a secret ending and unlock a special achievement by obtaining the Human Haven Keycard. This keycard is necessary to access the secret ending, and discovering its location can be a fun and rewarding part of the game. In this guide, we will provide information on how to find the Human Haven Keycard so that you can uncover the game’s secret ending and unlock the achievement.

High on Life Human Haven Keycard Guide

High on Life Human haven Keycard

To obtain the Human Haven Keycard in High On Life, players must first complete Nipulon’s Bounty. Once this task is completed, they can use the Bounty 5000 to access the planet selection menu and travel to Nova Sanctus. Once there, players should head to Clugg’s Office and look for the keycard on top of his desk. Keep in mind that in order to unlock the game’s secret ending, players will need to do more than just obtain the keycard. They will need to complete additional tasks and objectives in order to access the secret ending.

With the Human Haven Keycard in hand, you can access the secret ending in High On Life. The next step is traveling to the Unknown Sector and selecting Human Haven. Once there, you must use the jetpack to travel between the platforms that lead upwards. After reaching the top, you will encounter a locked door with a “No Trespassing” sign. However, you can use the Human Haven Keycard to unlock the door and continue on the journey toward the secret ending.

Using the Keycard

To access the secret ending in High On Life, use the Human Haven Keycard on the locked door and enter the room. Once inside, you will see a fan to the right. Use Sweezy to shoot the fan and slow it down so you can pass through and drop down. Keep in mind that once you have passed the fans, you will have reached the point of no return for unlocking the secret ending and achievement.

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