Stardew Valley Radioactive Ore | What is it, What Does it Do?

stardew valley radioactive ore

If you’ve ever played a game like Stardew Valley, you probably know exactly how important it is to keep getting rarer and rarer ore. Radioactive Ore is one of the later game options, and you shouldn’t expect to see it until very later in your game. These ores will basically mean you’re at the endgame, and you should be ready to find a shockingly small amount of these, since there isn’t a huge number of items that rely on it right now. So, our Stardew Valley Radioactive Ore guide will walk you through what you’ll get it for!

Radioactive Ore in Stardew Valley

Radioactive ore is a small, green sphere that’s “glowing with dangerous energy.”

How to Get It

Radioactive Ore can be found in the Mines during “Danger in the Deep” or after activating the Shrine of Challenge on floor 120. They can also be found in Skull Cavern, during the Skull Cavern Invasion quest.

These guys are in Radioactive Nodes, which are glowing green rocks. You can break them with any end-game pickaxe, and they’re fairly easy to farm as long as you have some good gear to handle the dangerous mines.


Radioactive Ore itself can be used to craft Hyper Speed-Grow (really great soil enhancement) or Magic Bait (allowing you to catch any fish from any season, time, weather, or water type). It can be given to Maru, who likes radiation, or anybody else, since nobody else seems to like being handed actual radioactive material. You can also use it in a Sewing Machine to make a Turtleneck Sweater… Though I may never get how or why.

More importantly, 5 Radioactive Ore can make Radioactive Ingots. 10 of these can be traded to the Island Trader for a Galaxy Soul, an immensely powerful item. One can be built into a Heavy Tapper to get a tapper with double the effectiveness, or into a Hopper which helps for automation. You can also use one in the spool of the Sewing Machine to make Radioactive Goggles, a neat cosmetic item. This is the item that Maru loves the most… And unsurprisingly, giving it to anyone else will earn you some stink-eyes. How Maru avoids the “irreversible body damage,” I’ll never know!

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