How to Unlock the Bozjan Southern Front | FFXIV Bozjan Southern Front

FFXIV Bozjan Southern Front

There’s good news for Final Fantasy XIV fans: Patch 5.35 is here! With this patch comes a brand new zone known as the Boznjan Southern Front. This zone primarily exists as an avenue to power up your relic weapon. While this might sound like the Eureka region, the good news is that the Southern Front is not nearly as frustrating. While it is possible to lose some EXP, you cannot lose a level like in Eureka. To learn how to unlock this region, let’s dive into our FFXIV Bozjan Southern Front Guide.

FFXIV Bozjan Southern Front Guide

Not everyone automatically has access to the Southern Front. To access it, you will need to wrap up the quests tied to the last relic quest chain. The three quests include:

  • The Bozja Incident
  • Fire in the Forge
  • Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

First, you will need to have completed Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty. This is from patch 5.1, so odds are good you have already finished this one. The Bozja Incident includes the story-driven quest of the “Save the Queen” story. Finally, you must have obtained a relic weapon by completing Fire in the Forge. Once you meet these requirements, you are ready to head to the Southern Front.

Finding the Bozjan Southern Front

To get to the Southern Front, you will need to speak with Sjeros in Gangos. You can reach Gangos using the aetheryte in the Doman Enclave. Sjeros will point you to the ferry to reach the Southern Front, which is the final step to reaching the new zone. Simply board the ferry to get started.

Once you arrive in the Bozjan Southern Front, you will have a simple quest chain that allows you to get a feel for the mechanics of the zone. You will find this zone laid out much better then Eureka, which is nice given that zone’s limitations.

You are able to travel within the zone using the aetheryte if you attune it properly. However, if you leave the area you can only return by the ferry from Gangos.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That wraps up our FFXIV Bozjan Southern Front Guide. Any questions? Hit us up in the comments! And Don’t forget to check out our FFXIV Lost No Longer Guide!


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